Chapter 562: The Special Features of the Members (Part One)

The moonlight tonight was pretty poor, not bright enough, but it was just what the Falcon Clan needed.

Utilizing the dark night to their advantage, they began to fight back. 

Instantly, dozens of people came out from all corners. After noticing that there were no more shots, they shouted, “Boss, it’s fine now!”

The other soldiers prepped the trucks and heavy weapons and jumped on, preparing to hunt down whoever dared to poke the hornet’s nest.

The big boss came out carefully and asked his men, “Did you count the casualties from tonight?”

“Not yet, but more than a hundred bros died!”

“Sh-t!” the big boss cursed and he shouted with a grim expression, “No matter who it is, chase after them! We must avenge our brothers!”


A gunshot brought an abrupt end to his roar!

The others just saw a big bloody hole on their big boss’s forehead. The two subordinates by his side had blood splattered all over their faces. When they wiped the stains off of their faces, they realized it was blood.

And in front of them, the big boss’s mouth remained open but didn’t make any more sound. Standing still, his eyes lost their life and within five seconds, he fell to the ground!

“Boss!” Everyone surrounded him. Losing the only leader they had left, they immediately panicked. 

Xu Cheng began to keep on reaping lives.

At the same time, he said to Luo Yi and the others that were waiting outside, “The sentries at the top are all taken care of. Go take those five trucks that they drove over. They have machine guns mounted on them, you guys can go inside the city and clean up. There are about a hundred people inside there. Turn on the high-intensity lights as you charge in, I will cover you guys.”

Luo Yi nodded. “Got it!”

“Bros, let’s go in and clean up!” Luo Yi waved, and leading Li Wei and the others, they went over the hills to the five trucks. Dragging out the dead bodies from the trucks, every pair got onto one car, with one driving and the other one operating the machine gun. Then, the trucks suddenly drove back into the city as Xu Cheng caused big chaos inside. The high-intensity headlights made it so bright that the opponents couldn’t even open their eyes.

Driving down the main road inside the city, there were unprepared mercenaries that had no time to find cover, completely dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the bright light and trucks. They thought it was their own guys that had just gone out earlier, but who knew, Mario, Chekov, and the others were holding the machine guns and began firing fiercely right away.


The bullet rain was so dense as it rained down on the mercenaries out in the open, the large-caliber bullet heads penetrated anything in sight at such close range.

For those that went under some cover and were about to fire back, Xu Cheng quickly picked them off from afar.

The battle was completely one-sided. Right now, the Falcon mercenary group that had already lost all their leadership completely fell apart like a plate of sand, with no one in command. At this point, the remaining mercenaries either took whatever valuables they could and ran, or they tried to fight back for their own survival.

At this moment, under the headlights of the pickup trucks, Luo Yi and Li Wei disappeared into the crowd and began assassinating people with their daggers out. It was their time to show off their solo battle abilities.

Xu Cheng was responsible for providing cover for the eight of them. Like an eagle overlooking the entire battlefield, whoever that could raise a threat towards his team, he would mercilessly fire a shot into their head. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Seeing Luo Yi and Li Wei having so much fun, Mario was also blood-boiled. Using a machine gun that could basically penetrate anything at such a close range was actually not that stimulating anymore.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At that moment, Zhang Xiu and Vala, who were quite confident in their melee-combat skills immediately jumped in.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

It was also all thanks to Xu Cheng who had already taken care of all the big threats, or they wouldn’t have had such an easy time coming in and would probably have fed their azz off already to the enemy team.

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