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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 562.2

Chapter 562: The Special Features of the Members (Part Two)

Mario hadn’t had such a great time for a while now. He only remembered how he had been following Chris and running and hiding and had even forgotten about fighting back or how to turn himself into a sharp fatal blade. The six of them had a great fight tonight.

Vala was a master of Muay Thai, and he hadn’t stopped training every day. Today, he was finally able to put all the training into real combat, swiftly executing his killer close-range moves. When going up against three different enemies, he was even cut by another enemy’s blade on the back, but he didn’t feel the pain at all and just kept on fighting.

Mario jumped off of the machine gun. He was more direct than Vala, as his black burly body contained an enormous amount of strength that could easily lift up two enemies at once. When a steel pipe was swung onto his thick arms, he didn’t feel much other than his skin turning red a bit. With one punch in the stomach, he could see what the enemy had eaten yesterday.

Kurt liked to play with guns, especially pistols. He had insane speed and could always beat the enemy to it. He was responsible for taking care of those that had guns, while Mario, Vala, Luo Yi, and Li Wei fought in melee.

Chekov carried a rifle and used it as a sniper rifle, peeking out of the truck window and firing dark shots.

Dulson was also pretty good. Although he had no specific specialties, he was pretty good at everything. Assessing these six new members of his mercenary clan, Xu Cheng quickly analyzed their characteristics and overall capabilities. Although they were all still not strong enough to become a pillar of his future plan, he felt that they were the guys he was looking for, people with big enough balls who weren’t afraid of chasing after their ambitions. 

He was just in need of this kind of grass-root warriors that grew up under the law of the jungle. They were the true mercenaries, ones that carried the aura of a domineering king that would not yield to fate. 

Xu Cheng didn’t need the so-called strategists. He needed these kinds of vanguards that would charge and conquer for him.

Watching them fight, Xu Cheng smiled. He said to Kurt who was good with pistols, “Kurt, 70 southwest behind the dirt wall, there’s a guy.”

Kurt immediately turned to that direction and saw that there was a gun barrel sticking out from a hole in the wall that was just enough to fit it, and he fired a shot into that hole into the barrel, exploding the gun and killing the guy behind it.

Xu Cheng then said to Vala, “Vala, your understanding of the human bones and joints structure isn’t good enough. One of the five guys you just killed is not dead, he’s just pretending. Right now he’s scrambling through his dead buddies’ bodies for a gun.”

Xu Cheng had studied the human body thoroughly and was very familiar with the fatal spots of the body.

Vala frowned. When he turned around, he indeed saw a soldier that he thought he killed had found a gun and was about to take aim.

At this time, Kurt fired a shot at the man!

Vala finally let out a breath of relief. He was about to say thanks.

“Don’t thank me, Big Brother Cheng reminded me,” Kurt smiled and said. 

“Thanks, Big Brother Cheng,” Vala said to Xu Cheng through the mic. 

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