Chapter 563: Diamond Mine (Part Two)

The captive responded, “Not too high, but also not too low.”

Xu Cheng: “Then you wanted to see me just to say this?”

The captive said, “Let us go, and we can negotiate a price. I know you guys don’t understand the rules here at all. We have the Polar Bears (TL note: R Nation’s nickname), we don’t need to be so merciless.”

Xu Cheng squatted down, looked at him, and said, “How much are we talking about here?”

The captive said, “How much do you want? We all came to this land for money. How does 10 million sound?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “You think I would kill this many people just for 10 million? Just our weapons and bullets alone, how much do you think 10 million would cover?”

The captive: “100 million! This is the highest price I can give. As long as you agree to retreat and leave this place, we will give you a hundred million!”

Xu Cheng looked at him, then looked around. He saw all kinds of construction and drilling equipment at the rear of the city.

He said, “Alright, a hundred million, plus the drilling equipment at the back. We need those too.”

“No!” The captive had quite a big reaction. “We borrowed them from the Polar Bears! Those aren’t ours!”

Xu Cheng laughed. “What you were just saying was full of flaws. First of all, you said your ranking in this clan isn’t high but not low too, but if I didn’t guess wrong, most mercenaries at that level wouldn’t even make 100 million in their entire life. You were able to name this price, so it means you have 100 million that you can control. Secondly, when I talked about the equipment, you were even more nervous than if I was going to kill you.”

Speaking of this, a devious smile appeared on the corner of Xu Cheng’s mouth. “Let me guess. You guys discovered something good? A diamond mine? Or… a crude oil reserve? But the latter isn’t too likely, or you guys wouldn’t have so many explosives and flammables here, and you guys weren’t holding back about firing guns too. That just means, you guys probably found diamonds.”

The captive’s face slightly changed.

Seeing that expression, Luo Yi, Li Wei, and the others all smiled.

“This belongs to the Polar Bears, do you know how dangerous it is to snatch food from their mouth?” the captive warned.

“No, to be specific, they are yours.” Xu Cheng said, “Because the moment you hand these findings over to the Polar Bears, you wouldn’t get 100 million in rewards at all. But, you were able to increase your bargain to 100 million right away from 10 million, which means you are already prepared to keep it all to yourself. In other words, the Polar Bears don’t even know.”

The captive’s face turned pale.

“Let us join you guys!” At this moment, some captives that were scared of dying anxiously said, because they could sense the rising murderous intent from Xu Cheng.

“Sorry, our clan only takes homeless mercenaries!” Xu Cheng said, word for word.

“We are!”

Xu Cheng sneered. “You are? Who said just now that they were backed by the Polar Bears? Are you guys sure you are?”

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