Chapter 564: He is the God of Sniper (Part Two)

That captive’s tone directly changed as he compromised. “You only have a few guys, you won’t be able to defend this place at all. How about we work together? You won’t be able to export the diamonds out, we can work together to use the Polar Bears’ network to conveniently export the diamonds out, I will take 4, you take 6! With my identity, it would be a great convenience. There are many airports and transport channels here that belong to the R Nation that we can use. Without our Falcon clan’s identity, you guys won’t be able to go far. Even if you manage to defend this place, you won’t be able to sell the diamonds to the world.”

“You really do overestimate yourself. You actually dare to ask for 40%?!” Xu Cheng laughed. “Let me tell you, you won’t even get 10%, and you want 40? Do you know what other meaning 4 has in my country’s culture? It means death!”

Then, Xu Cheng directly stood up and said to Mario, “Go ahead. Tie up the loose ends. There must not be anyone left alive to tell the tale.”

“Yes!” Mario nodded. He couldn’t be more excited. Not only did they conquer such a big land tonight, it even came with a diamond mine!

Not just him, everyone else was very excited! This first battle’s loot was beyond their wildest imagination.

Xu Cheng said to Luo Yi and Li Wei, “Take care of the bodies here, and then go and pick up the people at our base.”

They nodded.

Xu Cheng lit a cigarette for himself, thinking that he would take a stroll around this town.

Behind him, all kinds of crying and wailing sounds came to an abrupt end after a wave of gunfire. 

None of these guys could survive, because this diamond mine was indeed not known by the R Nation yet, so Xu Cheng must not risk letting anyone leak this information. He might be merciless, but that was the jungle law on the Land of Mercenaries. No one would seek a reason to kill you, and there’s no cruelty or moral issues here, because it was a war zone.

“Drag down all the Falcon clan flags, and later on, replace them with our flags!” Xu Cheng said domineeringly to his bros.

Chekov seemed to be counting as he disposed of the bodies. Zhang Xiu walked over and saw his forehead covered in sweat, so he asked, a bit confused, “Tired?”

Chekov shook his head. “No, I just find it to be really incredible.”

Zhang Xiu: “What did you find?”

Chekov glanced at the two new bodies he just carried over and said, “These are the 87th and 88th body that died from Big Brother Cheng’s sniper rounds. The other 86 were directly killed by headshots!”

Zhang Xiu’s pupils contracted.

“Did you see the big bosses of the Falcon clan? Did you guys not notice that there were no tough enemies that we had to deal with after we came in? I remember that the big bosses of the Falcon Clan were at least A level masters! But we didn’t run into them at all.”

“Dead.” Chekov said, “I just counted the dead bodies that were killed by sniper fire. The six big bosses you were talking about, including their chief, they were all killed by Big Brother Cheng with headshots!”

Zhang Xiu took in a deep breath. “So that means, tonight, Big Brother Cheng basically used the sniper rifle and took out about half of the guys here?”

Chekov nodded. “Maybe to you, killing about half is surprising, but to me, what’s more incredible is the 98% headshot rate! You don’t know sniping, so you don’t know what this rate means! It’s basically godlike!”

At this time, Luo Yi walked over and smiled and said, “I prepared Big Brother Cheng 500 rounds, and I went over and checked. He used 135 bullets. There are about 133 bodies dead from his shots. The excess 2 bullets didn’t miss too. Two of the bodies had two of the sniper rounds. That means, his hit rate was 100%!”

The guys that were cleaning up the bodies all subconsciously dropped the bodies and became a bit dumbfounded briefly.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Especially Chekov. He said in a daze, “Holy crap, how did he do it? Did he have GPS tracking? I saw him shooting at the two trees earlier. I couldn’t even tell that there was anyone hiding there. They were both big trees with thick leaves, and even if we knew someone was in there, it would also be hard to hit them. However, he just casually took aim and didn’t even look into the scope for too long and killed the people hiding in there. At that moment, my knees almost gave in.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Li Wei walked over and teased him, “If your religion is sniping, then you can really kneel and worship him, because he is the god of sniping.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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