Chapter 565: Could You Explain to Me Using Science? (Part One)

On the other end, Lin Dong, who had been waiting to be called, was squatting and smoking beside the car on the sand.

At this time, Mr. Hawking came over and squatted down with him.

Lin Dong passed over a cigarette and Hawking took it and lit it.

After taking a puff, he asked Lin Dong, “What are you doing here just waiting? If they die, who’s going to call you?”

“Oh.” Lin Dong replied, “I’m waiting for them to call me so I can drive you guys over.”

“You have that much faith in your Master?”

Lin Dong nodded. “Yeah, I don’t know how to explain it, but I just believe in him. After all, my teacher wouldn’t do something unless he’s super confident about it. Since he thinks it would work, then we just need to wait for the good news.”

“You like this kind of life?” Hawking asked him again, “Boys at your age are probably still in the rebellious stage, and many second-generation rich kids would probably be squandering parents’ money.”

“To be frank, I was a bit not used to it in the beginning. But I think that was just an excuse. In fact, I’m just scared that I’m not competent enough, or maybe because my master’s too dazzling, and in comparison to him, what I was doing back in the day was just child’s play. If I just go back to my normal life, I would look down on myself. So, no matter how tough it gets, I will force myself to catch up to my teacher’s footsteps.”

Hawking said uninterestedly, “It’s a pity that your teacher isn’t going to become a politician. To be frank, he could be very beautiful with his words, but I don’t know if he can actually do it.”

Lin Dong didn’t bother replying.

Not long after, a pickup truck came back.

Luo Yi popped his head out of the window and grinned at the two as he said, “Let’s go, time to move.”

Hawking’s mouth was slightly open. “You conquered it?”

“Old Mister, what my teacher used to brainwash people aren’t his words but his actions. It’s called personal charisma.” Lin Dong smiled at Hawking and then shouted at the people waiting at the dirt houses to pack up and go. 

Hawking snorted.

He was still skeptical about the fact that good news had come so fast. He didn’t believe that they would succeed in such a one-sided fight in just two hours, including driving time. So, even on their way driving to the city formerly owned by Falcon, he was still feeling that something was fishy.

Li Wei laughed at him. “Sir, you don’t have to look around, just look at whose flag it is that’s at the top of the wall.”

The flag at the front gate was indeed Deviant Clan’s new flag. This time, Hawking had no choice but to admit that he was wrong. 

Xu Cheng came over and teased, “See how great my service is? I told you Imma get you a new place, and I did it. Am I sincere enough?”

Hawking snorted and began looking around at the city. There were finally some greeneries. Although it was not some big city, at least the houses were properly built this time with bricks and cement, and there were enough accommodations with everything from a clean-water supply to air-conditioning.

Lin Dong guided the engineers into finding their own houses, and he himself went up to the sentry tower in the city. On top of that tower, Luo Yi was fixing the detection equipment. “Although this model is pretty old and can’t detect further places, it can still keep an eye on our proximity.”

After the engineer put away all their stuff and settled in, they came out for a relaxing walk, trying to take a breath of fresh air. 

Mario was warming up and seeing him about to take in a deep breath, he said, “Don’t suck in too much air for a while, it smells pretty dank right now.”

Then, he grabbed onto the buttocks of the pickup truck with both hands, and suddenly used all of his strength, trying to lift up the car.

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