Chapter 565: Could You Explain to Me Using Science? (Part Two)

The engineer curiously asked, ‘What are you doing?”

Mario said with an “are you facking blind” expression, “Trying to flip it over.”

His brain was still playing that handsome scene of Big Brother Cheng lifting it up.

The engineer said in disdain, “It’s obvious that you aren’t very well-educated. What is the level of your explosive strength? You may look burly, but even if you are as strong as Tyson, and with strong back support, would you be able to lift over a thousand pounds? Do you know how heavy this car is? Two tons! Even if you are strong enough to lift the truck off the ground and have enough power to keep it about half in the air, from the physics standpoint, you wouldn’t be able to flip it over with the force of gravity acting on it. So, when you are free, just study more. Don’t become the typical all brawn, no brain kind of guy.”

Mario was in a bit of a daze. He asked, “So what you are saying is, scientifically speaking, it’s impossible to flip this car as a human?”

The engineer nodded. “Unless it’s a plastic car.”

Mario: “But I saw someone do it.”

“Who? Get him to stand out, I will teach some science to him,” the engineer said. 

Mario directly pointed at Xu Cheng who was on a balcony smoking a cigarette in the wind. 


The engineer snorted, “His arm isn’t even thicker than yours. Are you joking? He’s not even taller than you, not as muscular too. His strength is definitely below yours.”

Mario wondered, “That’s what confused me too, how come he can, but I can’t?”

Mario shouted at Xu Cheng on the balcony, “Big Brother Cheng, the tire needs to be replaced, but I can’t find the jack.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say a word but directly jumped down from the second floor. When he landed, he didn’t lose balance at all and just landed at the same spot with his legs slightly curved to absorb the impact.

Then, he walked over and asked, “Which tire?”

Mario pointed at the rear wheel. “This.”

Xu Cheng went over to lift up the entire rear of the pickup truck. With both rear wheels in the air, he continued to smoke his cigarette nonchalantly, “Quick.”

Mario nodded. He put on a new wheel and screwed it in place and said, “Done.”

Xu Cheng then casually put down the truck and walked away.

This scene made the engineer look as if he just saw a ghost.

Mario said to him, “I’m indeed undereducated, please explain to me what just happened using science.”

The engineer hurried over and tried to imitate what Xu Cheng just did. He tried lifting the back of the pickup truck but couldn’t even get it to move. After making sure it was a real car, he looked at Xu Cheng’s back image and exclaimed, “Oh, my god, but he doesn’t look strong at all.”

Mario shook his head and left.

The engineer shouted at him, “What did you mean earlier about the air being too dank?”

Mario turned around and smiled and said, “Because about 300 people died here tonight, the air isn’t very clean.”

Then, he walked away.

But remembering something, he turned around and added, “Oh right, that not-so-muscular man you just saw earlier, he killed the most. He killed about 130 people tonight.”

After he left, the engineer looked as if he was constipated, not knowing whether he should continue breathing or vomit.

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