Chapter 566: The Ryong Family’s Dragon Clan Mercenary Group (Part Two)

Going by headcount was one way to limit small clans from growing. After all, small clans didn’t have much money, and they didn’t make much from robbing and killing. If they want to expand their clan, they must pay a bigger protection fee that they wouldn’t be able to afford. Without money, they also couldn’t expand. This was just a strategy for big clans to control the size of smaller ones so they didn’t grow out of control.

If you started having more and more people and were able to fund them all, then they would know that you probably found crude oil or some type of mine. They would then take down the clan all together and have the cake all to themselves. 

“We have 9 mercenaries in total right now, how much?”

“What? 9?” The baldie laughed. “Who are you joking? 9 people could take down Falcon? I can already see from here that there are more than 9. We are going in to count.”

Xu Cheng said, “They are all engineers we invited in to build stuff.”

Baldie: “That counts too!”

Xu Cheng directly blocked the road ahead of the pickup truck. Lifting his chin slightly, he looked at the baldie with a dangerous gaze, and the latter also looked down at him.

“If you don’t want our Dragon Clan to stomp you into your own ground, you better not use that arrogant look with me.”

Luo Yi pulled Xu Cheng back and whispered to remind him, “Big Brother Cheng, just bear with it for now. It’s not time for us to make them our enemy yet.”

Xu Cheng finally moved his body out of the way, and the trucks directly drove past him and stopped at the center of the city. Then, those mercenaries from the Dragon Clan arrogantly walked around the city and began counting.

The baldie stood at the top of the car and looked at him and said, “You better behave in the future. This isn’t like in Huaxia where you can call the police. Sometimes, trouble could come because you were moving your mouth too. In the future, it’s best that you cooperate with us, and pay however much you need to pay. Or, you can also tell us that you don’t need the Dragon Clan’s protection, and I believe those homeless mercenary groups out there would love to come and knock to take over your home.”

At this time, his men came to report the number.

The bald man snorted at Xu Cheng and said, “You have to pay 500 thousand in total, in three months. Also, why did you get so many engineers? Let me tell you, without our permission, you are not allowed to build the town to a certain size, nor can you turn the city into one focused on business, got it?”

“They are just here to build some better places to live. We won’t do any of those things you mentioned,” Xu Cheng said, growing a bit impatient.

“That’s for the best then.”

Just then, someone came over and said, “Boss, we found a hole.”

The baldie directly jumped off of the truck and was about to head over, but Xu Cheng suddenly pulled him back and said, “It’s just a hole for us to store firearms, no need to make a fuss about it.”

“Oh really?” The baldie grew a bit suspicious. “Then why are you nervous?”

He insisted on going over.

Xu Cheng grabbed his arm instantly, using a ton of force. His eyes and aura were giving off strong murderous intent, enough to make the baldie feel like he was suffocating. He felt like he couldn’t move anymore.

“I said, don’t go over!” Xu Cheng reminded him again.

The baldie swallowed his spittle. After staring at Xu Cheng for a bit, he finally said to his subordinates, “Come back, we are done here.”

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