Chapter 567: Special Forces Competition is Near (Part One)

When the bald man’s subordinates came over, Xu Cheng also let go of his arm.

The other members of the Dragon Clan walked over and said, “That hole looks pretty deep though, we should go in and check it out.”

The baldie sighed and said, “It’s fine, we already got the money. Time to go.”

The other guys all felt that his sudden change in attitude and tone was quite strange.

But, they still followed orders and got back into the car. When the three armed pickup trucks left the Deviant Corp’s territory, that baldie’s face suddenly grimaced when the car bounced a bit due to the rough terrain, appearing to be in pain.

“What’s wrong?” a subordinate asked curiously.

The baldie rolled up his sleeve and suddenly noticed that there was a big bruised area on his arm!

“What happened?” the others saw this and all asked curiously.

The baldie returned with a question. “How many armed personnel do they really have?”

“Weird, they really didn’t have many. I’ve looked around and found only about 20 people that looked like they can fight, and that even included a few from the engineers.”

The baldie: “Do you think it’s possible? That they took down Falcon?”

“It’s not impossible. Say, do you think it’s someone sent by the Huaxia Government?”

They all looked to be full of doubt, but the baldie immediately cleared the air. “Not very possible. The government wouldn’t extend their hand to this land. There’s no reason for them to do that, but it’s not entirely impossible. Pay some attention to them, I think these guys are pretty capable, probably elites of the elites, especially their boss.”

“You mean that really tall Huaxia guy just now?”

The baldie asked, “You noticed it too?”

“Nope, but he does seem pretty calm, not like someone that just stepped into the Land of Mercenaries.”

“This guy’s strength is unfathomable, I almost got scrapped just now.” The baldie sighed and said, “My arm became like this when he just casually grabbed me. If we didn’t leave, we would’ve probably died there!”

The other guys were all shocked.

The baldie took in a big breath. “Right now I can’t move this arm at all, fack! We will go back and tell Boss, we must be careful of this guy. If he was really sent here by the government, then he would be a big problem.”

Watching as the three cars left, Xu Cheng stood at the gate and didn’t go back in for a long time.

Li Wei and Luo Yi came to his side and looked into the distance and sighed, “Thank god they didn’t recognize you, Big Brother Cheng. It’s good that the four clans were wiped out very neatly and they couldn’t trace it back to you.”

Xu Cheng asked, “They were all raised by the Ryong Family?”

“Yes.” Luo Yi said, “The Dragon Clan has about two thousand people, which is huge. It also has something to do with Huaxia’s big population and the population of criminals. Those outlaws would either go somewhere in Southeast Asia, or they would come here and be adopted by one of the four clans. But, those clans would only accept the elites, usually those that were in the army or even special forces that got kicked out for breaking the rules. But, they actually don’t have many masters, just a crap ton of mid-tier elites, unlike Kush’s mercenary clan that has a few top-tier masters overwatching. The four behemoth families’ mercenary groups rely on their crap load of money, and they are known to be the forces with unlimited ammunition.”

Li Wei chimed in, “The businesses under the four behemoth families were vigilant and transferred a large sum of their wealth out of the country before the police seized it, and most were wired to this place.”

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