Chapter 567: Special Forces Competition is Near (Part Two)

Xu Cheng nodded. “The old man calculated the total industrial value of those four families, and the combined invisible assets should be worth at least 3 trillion yuan! But, the country was only able to chase back 1.8 trillion, with at least 1 trillion confirmed to have been wired out of the country. That means, the four behemoth families mercenary groups should have over 100 billion dollars right now! Every year, including fighting against the special forces of the other nations, they wouldn’t use more than two to three hundred million. They are indeed well-off for a while.”

Speaking of this, Xu Cheng sighed, “This is also a big reason I’m here. It wouldn’t be a good thing if these guys still have this much money on them. I wouldn’t be so worried about them if they didn’t have this much money, but sometimes, with that amount of money, they could really do a lot of unexpected things. I’m worried that they would leave the Land of Mercenaries. So these guys must stay here forever, or die here!”

– At about a hundred miles away from the territory of Deviant Clan, in an independently-owned and profitable city, inside a European-style villa – 

The baldie walked in, and he saw several mercenary clans’ bosses were in a meeting with his boss. He wasn’t in a rush to go in and waited until the guests all left.

The baldie then walked in and saw a 30-year-old man with rock star-like hair. At this time, he was looking at a 3D map of the terrain of the entire Land of Mercenaries. 

He subconsciously glanced and saw the cast on the baldie’s arm and asked, “What happened to your arm?”

“Almost got crushed.” The baldie bitterly smiled. “Boss, I checked out those guys that took out the Falcon Clan.”

The long-haired guy: “How are they?”

“For a clan that took down one with 300 people, they only have less than 20 mercenaries!” The baldie said, “And their boss, I can’t see through him.”

The boss suddenly shifted his eyes from the map onto the baldie, “Where are they from?”

“They look like a bunch of stateless people that gathered together.” The baldie said, “But I felt that boss of theirs, he’s from Huaxia too. Could he be a bit too strong?”

The boss said, “Very normal. With thousands of years of cultural heritage, there are countless martial art masters. Who knows whether some would move here or not.”

The baldie: “I’m worried that his appearance isn’t coincidental, but a plan organized by the Huaxia Government.”

The boss laughed. “Then your worry is absurd. Although the four behemoth families are gone, Huaxia still needs to invest a lot of resources and people to send to this place to wipe us out. It’s even harder to take us out than the four behemoth clans, yet they are only sending a team of not even 20 people? You think they are stupid or they are out of people? No need to worry about them. If we get a chance in the future, I will visit them and chat with him.”

At this time, a 40-year-old man walked in and said, “Baldie, I heard you ran into an elite from Huaxia too, why not get him to join our camp?”

If this guy were to see Xu Cheng, he would be shocked and recognize him right away. This person was none other than the wealth manager of the Ryong Family, the only one that managed to escape when Xu Cheng killed off the Ryong Family and went to get the Old Patriarch of the family to help out.

The baldie: “This guy looks quite daunting, doesn’t seem like someone that could easily be recruited. He also seems to have absolute authority around his guys, so he probably wouldn’t give that up to join and serve us.”

Speaking of this, he then asked, “Boss, what were the representatives here for?”

The boss: “In a month, it would be the international special forces competition. By then, god knows how many people would die from the chaotic dogfights. These representatives are all from those emerging mercenary groups, and they hope to partner up with us to fight against the special forces’ invasion.”

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