Chapter 568: They Got Wiped Out a Few Days Ago by Us (Part One)

To large mercenary groups, the annual special forces competition wasn’t that scary to watch. But the smaller groups always had to work together to survive through this hard time. Otherwise, with ten of the most powerful countries in the world sending in their elite special forces for a chaotic battle, the moment a small mercenary group is discovered, they would only face annihilation. So, they must cooperate.

Every year, a lot of people would really die. Both the special forces and the mercenaries, casualties were inevitable. 

But, only war and death could sharpen the best soldiers, and it also produced the best mercenaries!

However, the special forces backed by nations had better training and more advanced equipment. Putting aside actual capabilities, the special forces were at an overwhelming advantage with their equipment and weapons, so the mercenaries usually suffered a much higher casualty rate every year. After all, when it came to team cooperation abilities, solo capabilities, and strategies, the mercenaries were obviously no match for the special forces.

The special forces had dedicated brains to handle all the strategic planning, and the mercenaries were usually just hot-blooded and did whatever came to mind, so how could they be their match?

Another important thing was that the special forces all obeyed commands and valued commands above life, but in most cases, the mercenaries weren’t very well-disciplined.

This was also why Xu Cheng decided to emphasize obedience training when it came to the new recruits.

During the day, Xu Cheng was helping out those engineers with using the equipment left behind by Falcon to directly make the diamond mine into Hawking’s test base. 

Hawking was originally overjoyed, but Xu Cheng added, “The diamonds won’t be managed by you, don’t worry.”

Then, the old guy became a bit grumpy, feeling not as motivated to work anymore.

Xu Cheng also dragged out Mario and the others as hard laborers to do the heavy lifting. Those guys weren’t very happy too, asking why they had to do so much heavy-lifting work.

But, Xu Cheng tempted them and said, “So we can buy more firearms.”

Alright. No need to say more.

Seeing how Mario directly picked up four big bags, it was clear how much he loved firearms. The others were no exceptions either. They finally found a good place to call home, and obviously they were motivated to work hard to get more firearms to better protect this place.

On the sentry tower, Luo Yi saw a few cars stop before their gate and raise their flag, signaling something. Vala, who was more experienced, told Luo Yi, “They want to visit and have a chat with us.”

Luo Yi shouted at Xu Cheng who wasn’t too far away, “Big Brother Cheng, some mercenary group is here for a visit, should I let them in?” 

Xu Cheng: “Sure, let them in.”

Luo Yi waved, and Lin Dong opened the gate from below.

Five cars drove in one after another. It was a team of thirty.

They came into a house and greeted Xu Cheng with big smiles. “I heard the Falcon Clan is backed by the Polar Bears. We’ve always respected the name, and for this ‘winter’, do you mind if we stay under your umbrella?”

Their faces were filled with enthusiasm, the typical brown-nosing kind.

However, Xu Cheng and the others didn’t smile with them.

After feeling the awkward silence briefly, the clan leader quickly remedied the situation. “I heard the Falcon Clan is one of the top tier clans in the Land of Mercenaries, and even the big Dragon Clan respects you. We just came into the Land of Mercenaries not long ago, but we’ve learned quite a lot of its rules and stories. We’ve also heard a lot of legendary stories of the Falcon Clan, so we came here wanting to join you. Would the Falcon Clan still be looking for new recruits?”

Still, no one from Xu Cheng’s side smiled. They all looked at them oddly. That barbaric Mario was about to vent his anger and slam the table, but he was stopped by a look from Xu Cheng.

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