Chapter 570: Endless Chaos (Part One)

Xu Cheng’s heart ached for himself. He was even willing to let them hide under his wings for free, yet no one took the offer.

Damn, it was already rare that he would be a saint once in a few years and want to do some charity work, yet no one accepted his gesture.

What shattered his heart even more was that those guys all came to ask if they were the Falcon Clan.

If he had known this, he would have already hung the Falcon Clan’s boss’s head at the gate to let the visitors see.

During this season where the entire Land of Mercenaries had put down old grudges to work together, no one came to them to request a coalition. Even when the passersby came to ask for water, they wouldn’t forget to warn them, “The other small groups are already out there begging for big groups to take them in, you guys have such a small team and you are still not out there looking for someone to take you guys under their wing? That’s like committing suicide! After the special forces competition comes in a week, you will know that you screwed up.”

With the competition near, Xu Cheng felt that he must take care of the big bag of raw diamonds that they had already dug up. Otherwise, if more people saw it and the news got out, then the diamond mine wouldn’t be safe anymore.

“I will leave for three days. Luo Yi, Li Wei, you guys guard this place well.” Xu Cheng put the big bag of diamonds over his shoulder and said to his subordinates, “Right now, we still can’t ship these out, so I have to personally take these diamonds out and handle it. You guys be careful.”

Luo Yi nodded. “Big Brother Cheng, are you going to be okay alone?”

Mario was also a bit worried. “Big Brother Cheng, can you make it out? Right now it’s almost the ‘winter’ season, people in this land will do anything in order to store food and firearms to survive. There will be psychos everywhere.”

He didn’t want the boss to be under too much risk. After all, they had finally found a boss they could rely on, and with Xu Cheng, the Deviant Corp would definitely keep on climbing up the ladder.

But, Xu Cheng already made up his mind. It was best to handle this batch of diamonds fast, or with the number of people in the city, it was possible for the news to get out and draw unnecessary attention.

The others didn’t insist since he was the boss after all.

Xu Cheng drove a pickup truck, and the raw diamonds were in a big bag and weighed about 50 pounds. With one hand holding the cigarette and one hand on the wheel, he drove towards the border. With nostalgic rock music playing, he felt the drive was quite comfortable with the wind blowing past. 

He would see other cars or vehicle fleets driving past him. Just like what Mario told him earlier, everyone was preparing for the ‘winter’ right now, traveling anxiously trying to find partners. After all, this competition was no joke, and when those big nations trained their soldiers in this land, even with mercenaries dying, the audience from around the world wouldn’t feel sad over it nor condemn the other countries. After all, this was just a place of exile.

And of course, at a place of exile like this, there would be all kinds of people.

Xu Cheng went to a supermarket in a neutral city. When buying soda, he saw quite a few thieves stealing things in a store, and Xu Cheng just went on to mind his own business. This was just how this land was, there would even scummier people that would hire prostitutes here and instead of paying the prostitutes after, they would rob the prostitutes.

And the prostitutes would also have to pay the neutral city to receive protection and shelter. 

After walking out of the supermarket, Xu Cheng saw a couple of people fighting violently on the streets. It was also a common scene. 

This was the chaotic Land of Mercenaries. Xu Cheng didn’t exactly love it, but he was also not disgusted by it. In his words, there weren’t many schemes or politics, as everyone just spoke with the size of their fists, which determined their tone and volume.

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