Chapter 570: Endless Chaos (Part Two)

As soon as he came out of the supermarket, he encountered something that put him between laughter and tears. His car got stolen.

“Great!” Xu Cheng had to compliment this kind of talent. He was just in the store for a quick grab of a drink, and within 2 minutes, his car was gone.


This was very “Land of Mercenaries”-like!

Xu Cheng underestimated the value of his car in a land like this. It was worth at least a hundred thousand here, and there was a big difference between owning and not owning a car. Usually only mercenary groups had cars, and the locals and independent guys obviously wouldn’t have the money to afford it and had to resort to stealing.

But, what puzzled him even more was that he parked his car at the gas station to be refueled, and with the boss there watching, how could his truck still be stolen?

“Where’s my car? Someone stole it and you didn’t even warn me?”

The big chubby dude at the gas station raised his eyebrows and said, “Who knows. I thought you guys were friends. Want me to pull out the surveillance footage for you?”
“No need.” Xu Cheng turned around and activated his penetrating vision to look for his car. As long as the car was still within 3 kilometers of him, he could see it.

It had only been two minutes from when he stepped into the store, so with his slow-azz pickup truck traveling in the city, the car shouldn’t be out of the 1-kilometer range yet. 

Xu Cheng quickly found his car heading in the west direction, and he immediately ran after it.

The car thief happily counted the cash from selling the truck and put it into his wallet and then into his pocket. When he walked past Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng’s hand already reached into his pocket and got the wallet. 

After walking out a dozen meters, the car thief finally found out that his wallet was no longer with him.

His face changed, and when he recalled what just happened, he immediately grew alert to the person that had just walked past him and lightly bumped him on the shoulder.

He directly turned around and chased.

Xu Cheng came to a repair shop. Throwing the car thief’s wallet over onto the counter, he said, “That truck just now is no longer up for sale.”

The several big burly guys that were working on inspecting the car stopped their actions. They came over and checked the wallet, and it was indeed the amount the car thief just received from selling the stolen truck.

“Do you know the rules here? We aren’t a pawn shop here. You can’t redeem the things you sell.”

Xu Cheng pointed at the 30K dollars in the wallet and said, “The market price is at least 80 to 90K, isn’t 30K a bit too little?”

“30K is the market price for this car. If you don’t believe it, you can go on GM’s website and check,” the guys at the car shop said shamelessly.

“I’m talking about the Land of Mercenaries’ market price!” Xu Cheng reminded them.

“Market price?” Someone snorted and replied, “Then that will depend on who you are selling it to. Do you know which mercenary clan we are from?”

Then, they all revealed the tattoo on their arms.


The 8th Mercenary Group in the world!

“Let me tell you, if this wasn’t the neutral zone, not to mention giving you money, what would you do even if we rob your car and not give you a cent? Just hurry up and take the money and scram. The truce zone doesn’t allow gun-firing, but it doesn’t prohibit using fists. Before you ruin our mood, just get the fack out of our face.”

Xu Cheng thought, Fine, since this is the neutral zone, I probably shouldn’t cause a big commotion and attract other people’s attention.

He would just stalk these [email protected] until they were out of the neutral zone, and he would make them dead snakes.

Xu Cheng walked past them, opened the driver’s door. He went in and took out the bag of raw materials from the compartment under the floor and decided to just leave the car here for now.

But, a big guy suddenly slammed the door, directly shutting Xu Cheng inside.

“Do you not understand English? Since the car was sold, it’s ours, including anything in the car. What’s that in your bag?”


Xu Cheng barbarically kicked open the door, sending both the door and the big dude flying into a wall.

“Then let me see if your fists match your tone and attitude you picked to talk to me with.”

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