Chapter 571: Pursuit (Part Two)

Immediately following that, his belly was blown open by Xu Cheng’s punch!

The manager spurt out blood, and Xu Cheng took the gun in his hand and directly fired a shot right into the heads of the other members!

Five guys died directly on the spot.

The moment the guys, who had just fought Xu Cheng and finally recovered some strength to get back up, saw this scene,, they immediately turned around and ran.

Xu Cheng just aimed at the back of their heads and fired!

They all died, and blood splattered everywhere.

Xu Cheng then shouted at the car-thief who had been shivering as he watched from behind the main door, “I know you are hiding there, come out.”

The car-thief nodded and directly put his two hands up. “Don’t kill me, you already took all the money I had.”

Xu Cheng glanced at the other cars. With his eyes resting on an off-road Hummer, he said to the car-thief, “Figure out a way to start this car.”

The car-thief nodded, and then shook his head. “Wait, no, this is the Cobra’s territory, you killed their people, and you are going to take their car too? You already offended them.”

“Does it really matter who offends who in the Land of Mercenaries? Everyone’s an enemy.” Xu Cheng sneered. “If you don’t do it, then you can die.”

The car-thief had no choice but to quickly get into the hummer. Within 2 minutes, he successfully started it without a key. 

Xu Cheng went to the office area and grabbed two guns and a sniper rifle. At this time, he saw someone hiding under the desk. There was also a radio on the table, so this guy probably already called backup.

Xu Cheng directly killed him to test out the gun. Then, bringing some more ammunition with him, he got into the passenger seat. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” the car-thief cautiously asked.

“Border. I’m going to sell the stones,” Xu Cheng said. 

“You won’t make it out. The Cobras won’t allow you to leave this area smoothly. You could very likely die before you reach the border!” The car-thief said, “And I would have to die with you too if I’m caught. Can you please spare me? I already started the car for you, I’m just an insignificant character that steals cars for a living, can you let me go please?”

“If you didn’t steal my car, none of this would’ve happened, and how can you say you don’t want to get involved anymore? Are you driving or not? If you don’t, I won’t mind killing one more person here.”

The car-thief had no choice but to drive the car out of the repair shop’s gate.

Within one kilometer after leaving the city, there was already a large fleet of armed vehicles chasing after them.

“See those flags? They are Cobra’s fleet! Fack! Fack! We are doomed!” The car-thief was about to break down crying.

Xu Cheng was rather calm on the other hand. He asked the car-thief, “Where did you learn your skills of stealing cars? But you aren’t a very professional one, because you are not vigilant enough yet. I could tell from how easily I stole your wallet.”

The car-thief drove as he explained, “I’m not a thief, I’m just utilizing my understanding of the technical aspect of cars. I know the circuit wiring of most cars here enough to know how to start them without a key. I’m not a professional thief, but my understanding of cars is deeper than most people here.”

Xu Cheng began filling up the sniper rifle’s magazine with 15 rounds.

Meanwhile, he asked the car-thief, “Then where do you think is the weak spot of a car?”

The car-thief said, “Where could it be besides the tires? It’s completely unrealistic to hit the fuel tank, you don’t have a good angle at all nor can the bullet pierce the plating from head-on, so you can only go for the tires. But this is the desert, you are already good enough to get a rough idea of where the car is, with the dust blocking your vision, you won’t be able to see the wheels clearly. Besides, when driving off-road. it’s almost impossible to calculate the bumps and speed and such. You won’t be able to hit it. I beg you, just let me go, I don’t want to die yet!”

Right after he finished talking, a sniper-rifle shot was heard.

Hundreds of meters away, the tires of an armed truck blew up. Due to the weight of the vehicle plus the gang of guys on there, the tire-going out immediately sank the car, blowing off the sand and dust around it like a little bomb detonating. The car immediately stopped.

The car-thief’s eyes widened. “Holy fack, that works too?!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the act(ral translators)

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