Chapter 572: How About I Be Your Boss (Part One)

The driver of the car with the busted tire cursed, “How the fack did this happen? Luck?”

Right as he said that, the tire on another car got popped. The driver didn’t have good control of the steering wheel and the car drove right into another one.

“Holy fack, what’s with this facking driving?”

Then, the cars at the back of the fleet became like a frightened group of horses and slowed down too as they saw the cars leading in the front were all swirling left and right with popped tires.

Out of the fleet of 10, five got their tires popped.

At this moment, a mercenary on the truck at the back carried out a rocket launcher and locked onto Xu Cheng’s Hummer.

The rocket flew out towards the Hummer right away, and Xu Cheng directly tossed the car-thief out of the car.

“AH!!” The car-thief never in his life would have imagined that there would be someone with such an amount of power, throwing him out of the car just like a bag of chips.

When he landed on the ground and rolled a few times, preparing to curse at Xu Cheng, he just heard a “xeww” and then “boom” as the rocket exploded somewhere close to the Hummer. The entire car was carried off the ground and flipped over in the air.

The car-thief’s mouth was wide open.

After the Hummer landed, it continued to roll a few times in the sand, and there was a pit left behind by the rocket not far away.

At this time, the five pickup trucks of the Cobra fleet that didn’t have their tires popped hurriedly drove over and surrounded the Hummer.

Some mercenaries jumped off of their cars and went to the car-thief, directly picking him up. With a dagger by his neck, they dragged him towards their boss.

The boss of this fleet was a baldie with scars on his face; looking pretty ugly. His eyes were a little grey. Due to the long-term baptization by war, one of his eyes already went blind. 

“I want to find that guy, dead or alive! Otherwise, we will become a laughing stock for not being able to catch the provoker. So many brothers had died, so there must be an answer! Also, find that bag of diamonds!”

A mercenary went to the Hummer to look for the bag. The car was completely upside down, and there were a few raw diamonds that fell out of the bag. When the mercenary went to drag the bag out, he found Xu Cheng’s hand was also holding onto the bag. When he went to check on the body, he made the terrifying discovery that Xu Cheng’s eyes were open and looking right at him.

He wasn’t dead! 


With the car door flying out, the mercenary also flew out.


Xu Cheng raised his gun and began spraying away towards the mercenaries.

At this moment, the shocked mercenaries quickly came back to their senses and began aiming at the car and firing. Xu Cheng directly slid out of the car and pulled the closest body towards him to block the first wave of bullets.

There was not much cover in the desert, and the other mercenaries all became Xu Cheng’s target, getting shot in the chests and heads.

There were 25 guys in total, and within a minute, 18 people died.

The body that Xu Cheng was using as a shield was already full of holes, with the ground covered in blood. Xu Cheng threw the body towards two closest guys. Then, kicking the ground, sand flew right into three mercenaries’ eyes. When they rubbed their eyes and were able to see again, all they could see were the iron fists from Xu Cheng coming right at him. Then, there were the bone-shattering sounds of the nose bridge and skull. The three mercenaries died right away!

But now, Xu Cheng was also exposed under the team boss of Cobra’s gun. Xu Cheng already killed all of his men, and he also aimed his gun at the bald boss.

His speed was even faster, and he was able to pull the trigger first.



Empty mag!

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