Chapter 573: The Qualification to Get a Pass (Part One)

In this chaotic zone, who wouldn’t want to be taken under the wing by powerful people? If you had a powerful boss, then other people would have to think twice before laying a finger on you. It was just like the saying, if you are going to beat a dog, you still have to see who the owner is.

If your boss gets stomped by someone so easily and couldn’t even protect himself, then how could he protect his men and allies?

A powerful boss could lead to qualitative changes in the combat effectiveness and synergy of the entire mercenary group.

Those guys looked at Xu Cheng and were dumbfounded. Xu Cheng’s power did make them feel extremely oppressed, because in front of him, they really had no ability to fight back. There was also a hint of excitement, because if this kind of person were to become their boss, the oppressive feeling would be left for the enemies to feel!

The other guys looked at each other. Although they weren’t in a hurry to talk, there was a hint of hesitation and swaying emotion showing from their eyes.

Then, someone immediately took their flag down and put it over their dead boss. 

Then, this guy asked Xu Cheng, “What are the requirements of joining the Deviant Mercenary Corp?”

Xu Cheng: “Just one! Obey all orders. What I need is a mercenary group that’s well-disciplined.”

Someone else asked, “Do you have a country behind you? Or are you by yourself?”

“Just me.” Xu Cheng said, “The Deviant Corp would never become the dog of another country.”

“Good!” Those guys said in deep voices, “We will join the Deviant Corp!”

“Do you guys know where the Falcon mercenary group was originally?” Xu Cheng asked. “It’s about 200 miles from here.”

“We know,” someone answered. “What about it?”

“Just go there and report. Just say you are there to join the Deviant Corp.” Xu Cheng said, “And say you were told to go there by Big Brother Cheng.”

“Didn’t you say you are from Deviant? Why are you on Falcon’s territory? Those Falcon guys aren’t too impressive, they are just a bunch of soft-ball-sac cowards that rely on the Polar Bears.”

“Falcon doesn’t exist anymore. That place is our Deviant Corp’s territory.”

“You guys wiped out Falcon?” someone exclaimed.

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “Yeah. If you are afraid that the Polar Bears are going to trouble us afterward, you can choose to not join. But Falcon indeed no longer exists in the Land of Mercenaries now.”

The group of 30 guys all looked at each other, hesitant about their decision.

Although this place could be said to be the world that centers around mercenaries, there were quite a few mercenary groups that were actually being backed by big powerful countries. If the Polar Bears backed by the R Nation were to seek trouble from them in the future, with the R Nation’s resources and technology, they thought they wouldn’t stand a chance. 

“How many people do you have right now?” someone asked.

“For now, just 9 mercenaries. But they are all true warriors that dare to fight. I don’t take cowards.”

“I dare to fight, and I also dare to put my life on the line. Do you think we would live a better life at Deviant than Cobra?” someone asked. 

“Just live a better life?” Xu Cheng showed hints of disdain. “I just easily killed your boss. Who could protect him? Right now, if I want to take your life, who can protect you? Sometimes, only when you are alive, can you pursue higher things.”

The others all understood this logic.

“We will think about it,” someone answered.

Xu Cheng nodded and then asked them, “Oh right, who’s more familiar with getting to the border? Drive for me.”

“You want to leave the Land of Mercenaries?” someone asked, surprised.

Xu Cheng nodded. 

Those guys immediately said to him, “If you can go out, then when you come back, we will go with you back to the Deviant Corp.”

“Okay.” Xu Cheng saw an odd light in their eyes, but he didn’t care too much about it.

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