Chapter 574: Take it Back to the Bros to Add More Protein to the Meal (Part One)

Xu Cheng asked, “Why?”

The guard grinned. “With just yourself, try to pass this station by force. That way, we can use the reason that we can’t defend against you to give you a pass. The validity period is one week. Then, you will have to apply again by force.”

Xu Cheng was confused. “Why just one week?”

The guard: “Because after one week, our soldiers here will become stronger, and you will have to try again.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Then I will apply for one week first. Sure, bring it out, I will give it a try.”

The guard whistled, and soon, a hundred soldiers grouped up urgently and got into formation.

Xu Cheng took a look at them. They all weren’t the super burly type, but they were well-built. From the tight muscles on their body, he could tell that those muscles weren’t gained at the gym, but rather from continuous exercise and battle. This kind of muscle had more explosive strength and could easily stomp gym-born muscle men that got their gains from protein powder and hormones.

When Xu Cheng walked over and opened the iron gate, the detector at the gate detected the gun on him. The soldier said to him, “Give up your gun.”

Xu Cheng raised his arm. The soldier took his gun, tossed it into a basket, and gestured with his head for him to walk over.

Xu Cheng walked past him and arrived in front of a hundred soldiers with steel police batons. Those were definitely solid.

“You guys are going to be using weapons too?” Xu Cheng asked.

“If we don’t use batons, we are afraid of hurting our hands. What if some people organize a team to come every day to tire us out? What do we do? So, with batons, at least our knuckles wouldn’t hurt from beating the crap out of you.” The soldier sneered. “If you are scared, you can get back to your car. That’s also your choice.” 

“Can I still go back even now?” Xu Cheng lifted his brows and asked.

“Of course not.” The soldier laughed and said, “Do you know how boring it gets every year waiting for dumbazzes like you to come knocking? Since you are here, help us relieve our boredom.”

Then, he pushed Xu Cheng towards the hundred soldiers.

Looking at all these guys in his way, they began to surround him, each of them carrying a baton and looking at him with bad intentions.

“You know? You are a dumbazz,” a soldier said in disdain. “There are so many people that would rather travel across two nation’s borders, taking the long route to get to their destination, than cross through our gate, because our government puts a lot of emphasis on border control. So, we have the best of the best here, and our goal is to not let any stateless person through! There are less than 20 people that can cross all four nations’ borders freely, but to cross here, only one person was able to show his face and be let through.”

“Kush, right?” Xu Cheng said.

“It’s good that you know. The King of Mercenaries, he’s indeed capable and worthy of being one of the five legendary masters in this world. As for you… didn’t someone tell you, if you lose this battle, you will die? If you die, you will become our pig’s dinner. It has already eaten about 50 people now, so it’s pretty burly.”

“Then maybe I should try the taste of its meat as well?” Xu Cheng said as he walked towards those guys.

A soldier at the front flexed his wrist with the baton and then slammed towards Xu Cheng’s head with all his might.

Xu Cheng placed his hand over his head, and when the steel baton came down, the whole thing was bent out of shape!

The soldier was shocked, and before he could react, his neck was already grabbed by Xu Cheng and was lifted high into the air before getting punched in the face. He was sent flying and hit the iron fence. 

At the next instant, dozens of steel batons landed on Xu Cheng’s back and shoulders at the same time. He snarled.

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