Chapter 575: Follow (Part One)

When Xu Cheng went back to grab the bag of diamonds and walked out of the gate, no one dared to stop him anymore.

After going out, he met up with a confidant subordinate of Saar from the Mexican gangs.

Listening to his boss’s arrangement, he personally came to this country and had lived here for awhile, just to answer any request Xu Cheng may have. 

At a cafe, he finally met Xu Cheng.

Seeing Xu Cheng come in, he immediately stood up and straightened his back, immediately pulling out the chair across from him and saying, “Mr. Fang, please have a seat.”

Xu Cheng put down the heavy bag of raw diamonds onto the desk. He reached into his bag and realized that he ran out of cigarettes, so he said to the guy, “Got a cig?”

The subordinate immediately took out a pack and carefully handed over one, then he helped Xu Cheng light it up.

After taking a huff, Xu Cheng put the pack of cigs into his pocket and then patted the table and said, “Take this bag, deliver it to a guy in Britain named Lin Guiren. He runs one of the biggest jewelry companies there. Just tell them that I sent it to them. As for the errand compensation…”

The subordinate immediately said, “No need, no need, Mr. Fang, how could I dare to accept compensation from you…”

Xu Cheng opened up the bag, took out a raw diamond and put it onto the table. “I don’t have cash, but I should still compensate you. So, just take this.”

The subordinate immediately thanked him, “Thank you Mr. Fang, it’s an honor to be able to work for you! I’ve always admired you! Mr. Saar also told me to always prioritize whatever task you give me.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “It’s not my first time working with you guys, I’m assured of the work that you guys do. Is the money ready?” 

“Yeah, it’s all here.” The guy immediately brought out a bag, opened it, and said, “This is the 50 million that you had your lawyer Stenson prepare.”

Xu Cheng nodded, took the bag, and turned around to get ready to leave.

The subordinate immediately went up to him and said, “Mr. Fang, afraid that you don’t have any good cigars to smoke, our boss especially told me to bring you this to pay his respects to you; it’s the highest-tier cigar from Cuba.”

Then, he brought out a box, a very delicate one, revealing a row of cigars inside.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Your boss is pretty sincere, greet him for me.”

“Yes!” The subordinate immediately closed his legs and leaned forward slightly to bow all the way until Xu Cheng left. Only then did he quickly turn around,  carry the rough diamonds, and leave the place, ready to get back to work.

Xu Cheng went to the city to buy a razor, and when he passed by a news reporter on the escalator, he snatched his working badge. Then, when he carried the cash back to the gate at the border that he came in from, it was already in chaos. The 100 soldiers were all sent to the hospital, and there was also a construction team rebuilding the sentry tower.

Xu Cheng showed the reporter’s ID to the soldier at the gate and said, “I want to go in and report on the situation.”

“It’s very dangerous inside,” the soldier said. 

“It’s fine.” He patted his bag and said, “I’ve already got my equipment prepared.” 

The soldier originally wanted to check his bag, but hearing him say it contained the equipment and also being too lazy to come out to check the bag, he decided to let it go. 

“Go ahead.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Thank you.”

He crossed the checkpoint.

Only after did a sentry with his head covered in bandages come out and swear as he asked the guard that was at the inspection point, “How is it, is that [email protected] back yet? I want to facking kill him!”

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