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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 576.1

Chapter 576: Expanding Team (Part One)

– Deviant Mercenary Camp – 

Lin Dong was on guard tonight. He looked around with the binoculars into the distance, and it was already dark. However, there seemed to be a fleet of cars with their headlights flashing, and it also seemed to be a pretty big fleet by the looks of it.

Lin Dong immediately blew his whistle on the sentry tower.

Immediately, from the rooms, Kurt, Mario, and the others all couldn’t even bother putting on their clothes as they came out with their guns to look at the situation from the gate.

Li Wei and Luo Yi also saw more than forty vehicles and were shocked as they immediately shouted, “Prepare the mines, lock the gates!”

There were pits in front of the gate that were previously dug and prepared with mines. They activated them all and immediately turned off the lights at the camp before locking the door. Then, from gaps between the gates, they watched as the giant fleet of vehicles approached.

When they were sure that those cars were driving straight towards them, they all became very anxious. Under the moonlight, they all looked determined to die to protect their ground.

“Are we facking them up?” Mario looked at the others and asked. 

Li Wei said, “Big Brother Cheng’s not here, but he said that we need to ensure the safety of the construction team, we can’t retreat. If we do, we would not only embarrass ourselves but also Big Brother Cheng.”

He and Luo Yi both knew, if they ran and couldn’t ensure the engineers’ safety, then Hawking definitely wouldn’t develop quantum weapons for Xu Cheng anymore. 

“Then let’s fight.” Zhang Xiu gritted his teeth and said, “We will take advantage of the night and sneak-attack them.”

Chekov smiled. “That’s my favorite. Only when Big Brother Cheng isn’t here do I dare to play with my sniper rifle.”

Then, he climbed onto the sentry tower and tried to look for the fleet’s leader in the scope. 

The cars got closer and closer and they all stopped by the gate. 

Seeing that the fleet didn’t appear hostile, Luo Yi ultimately decided to talk to them first, while the others all took aim at the cars, ready to fire at any moment.

“Who dares to enter Deviant Corp’s camp!” Luo Yi shouted.

“It’s me!” Xu Cheng got off the car and shouted back, “Come and help them settle down, they are our guys from now on!”

Luo Yi and Li Wei looked at each other, and Mario and the others were also a bit dumbfounded. But, their dazed expressions were quickly taken over by excitement as they all rushed out of the gate to shake hands with the members of the Cobra Clan.

Xu Cheng said loudly to the large group of people behind him, “This is our territory from now on, and it will also be your new home. Believe me, I will make you guys live like real mercenaries! From tonight onward, you are no longer from the Cobra Mercenary Group, but Deviant! See that flag on the gate? This logo will be embroidered in your heart from now on, and it will become the noblest symbol in your heart! I have no other requirements for you, just one, and it is discipline; obeying your superiors’ orders at all costs! Tonight, everyone will find a room to settle in, and those that can’t find one can share for tonight. Tomorrow, our construction team will build more rooms for you all. Starting from tomorrow, I will rearrange the ranks. Why rearrange the ranks? Because Deviant is a clan with ambitions and dreams, we aren’t here just to try to survive and enjoy life. I will make you guys feel proud about being a member of Deviant in the future and work hard! You guys are all courageous warriors, and I appreciate you guys. Here, as long as you guys dare to trust your lives with me and fight together with all you got, then you will be able to rise up in the ranks. I won’t say more for now, I will be able to see all of your capabilities in the next few days. Believe me, in the future, you guys will be proud of your decision to have joined Deviant today!”

Then, Xu Cheng said to the former second and third boss of Cobra, “Help the bros settle in, and then come to my room with all the team captains.”

Those guys nodded and led their teams into the gate. Mario and the others led each team to vacant residential buildings. Most of them would have to squeeze together for a night and share since it was hard to free-up so many rooms to accommodate such a big influx of newcomers. 

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    Now that I think about it. There are many rebels in Africa. And who do you think funds them with weapons and funds? Other countries. So in other words, this novel is in a sense not so fictional

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