Chapter 578: Revenge (Part One)

Everyone was enthusiastically waiting to have the symbol of the Deviant Corp tattooed onto their body. This tattoo later became the official symbol of the Land of Mercenaries after it was unified.

Just when everyone was getting the tattoo done and the atmosphere couldn’t be more lively, a truck drove into the camp and a soldier shouted, “Big Brother Cheng, Captain Diesel’s injured!”

Xu Cheng and the other team captains immediately rushed to the gate, and they just saw a mercenary jumping off the car, and in another mercenary’s arms was Diesel who was covered in gunshot wounds, his lips faintly white as his face paled, looking like life was escaping from his body. 

They were sent out to purchase supplies. Xu Cheng anxiously asked, “What happened? Didn’t we send out three cars? How come just one came back?”

“We were attacked by the Wild Wolf Mercenaries, and those two cars with supplies were taken away, and the four brothers on them have all died. We are all injured too, and if it weren’t for luck and some good driving, we wouldn’t have been able to make it out alive,” a mercenary said while covered in sweat. 

“Wild Wolf Mercenaries?” Xu Cheng frowned. “What’s their background?”

“It’s a mercenary group that was hostile towards Cobra in the past. We’ve always had grudges between us, and Diesel probably got recognized this time and appeared especially vulnerable because he was just with a small team out for a mission. They thought it was a good chance to get some revenge,” a team captain said.

Xu Cheng went to check Diesel’s injury, and he felt that Diesel couldn’t make it anymore.

Xu Cheng directly picked him up onto his back and ran into the room as he shouted, 

Prepare the cars and weapons, we are going to fack some sh-t up!”

Those team captains immediately nodded and then began grouping their men and preparing their weapons.

Xu Cheng placed Diesel’s weak body onto the bed, and then he shouted at Lin Dong, “Little Dong, give him a shot of anesthetic.”

Lin Dong nodded. He had practiced this before, so he anesthetized Diesel with ease, and then Xu Cheng handed him a syringe filled with serum and said, “You know how to use it, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded and then walked out of the room. There were soldiers waiting outside.

“Everyone probably knows about Diesel and his team getting attacked, right?” Xu Cheng asked.

Everyone nodded, but there were also some people that were more sensible. “Big Brother Cheng, I heard that various countries’ special forces have already entered the area to prepare for the competition; I think it’s best if we don’t expose ourselves during a time like this, or we might become their target.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “I know.”

But his tone took a turn immediately and he said, “But Diesel and the other three brothers are now severely injured, four of our brothers died during the attack, and all the housing materials and supplies for our bros have now been taken away! These are all facts! You guys tell me, can we tolerate this?!”

Most of the mercenaries directly shouted, “No!”

“Then we won’t!” Xu Cheng said in a deep voice. “Now, 50 of you step out and come with me, the rest will stay behind to guard the base.”

The former-Cobra mercenaries were a bit worried. “Big Brother Cheng, Wild Wolf has over a hundred members, is the 50 of us really enough?”

At this time, Luo YI and Li Wei laughed. They wanted these new recruits to witness Xu Cheng’s capabilities, so they just said, “Just arrange 50 guys to go with Big Brother Cheng, and we will stay behind to guard the base.”

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