Chapter 579: Who Has Bigger Fist, Who Has Bigger Say (Part One)

Xu Cheng saw the disdain on that guy’s face.

The Wild Wolf Boss said to the guys, “But if you guys are going to come for revenge, why not come at night? Aren’t you just begging for me to shoot you all to death by coming in broad daylight? Although I don’t have too many mercenaries, I have a great advantage in terrain, and it’s incredibly easy to defend. With the higher ground advantage, you guys will have nowhere to hide when we open fire. Why bother coming over to commit suicide? So dumb. If you are going to continue talking big, why not drive your cars a bit closer? I will just keep all of your dead bodies here.”

At this time, a mercenary from Wild Wolf got impatient and fired a shot to mock Deviant.

But, they were still too far away. 

However, not being able to hit the target, Wild Wolf’s mercenaries became more annoyed, and they began firing more and more shots.

On Deviant’s side, the mercenaries all tried to use the cars as cover so they didn’t get hit.

“Give me a dagger,” Xu Cheng said to his subordinates.

Someone passed one to him and he asked, “Big Brother Cheng, are you still going over?”

“Just watch, I will show you the definition of a Solo Ace!”

Xu Cheng said and he walked over to the steps going up the hill.

“Aim at him!” The Wild Wolf Boss waved, and forty or so guns immediately took aim at Xu Cheng.

“Kill their boss! Show them the consequences of invading our territory.” Wild Wolf’s boss smiled grimly.


As soon as someone fired the first shot, a wave of shots began to follow. 

But, as Xu Cheng ran past a group of shrubs, he also ripped his clothes off as he accelerated. Everyone just saw the shrub moving but didn’t notice that Xu Cheng already became invisible. 

Suddenly, everyone lost sight of him.

What the fack? 


“You guys see him?” the Wild Wolf Mercenaries asked.

“He was just there, where did he go?”

There was no sight of Xu Cheng below the hill, and even those Deviant Mercenaries hiding behind the cars were also very surprised. 

But then, the calm broke when a mercenary’s painful scream broke out from the hill.

Then, beginning from the left side of the mercenaries hiding in the trenches, bloody cuts suddenly started appearing on their throats. Then, those mercenaries all began falling down one by one. When more people began dying, the other mercenaries eventually came to the realization that something invisible and terrifying was storming towards them, and some people began firing in that direction. However, the arm one of them just raised was cut off right away, and then another bloody hole appeared in his stomach. 

No one knew what was going on, and they were all so terrified on the spot trying to figure out what was happening that they temporarily forgot to run. Then, death spread like a plague, going from one side to the other. There were originally 40 soldiers on the hill guarding the perimeter, yet now, it couldn’t get any more chaotic. For some unknown reason, there were already over 20 mercenaries dead on the ground, and it would be impossible for fear to not fill up the atmosphere. 

Some people wanted to climb out of the trenches they dug on the body of the hill to get to the higher terrain, and they reached up, hoping for the mercenaries above to help pull them up. 

The guys up there were also terrified, and two people immediately put down their rifles to help pull their comrade up. But who knew, when the guy was just about to grab onto their hands, his hand was cut right off.

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