Chapter 580: A Real First Impression (Part One)

The air was filled with the scent of blood and an oppressing silence.

Those Deviant mercenaries looked at Xu Cheng’s face that was covered in blood, and they were all in awe.

“This is the fate of those that bully our people,” Xu Cheng faintly said. “Clean up this place, take anything valuable to our cars, and also, plant our flag here.”

“Yes, Boss!” The five captains from this moment on didn’t have the slightest feeling of hesitation or rebellion. They all answered right away and arranged for men to take care of it.

“Bring this guy’s head back to pay homage to our dead brothers.”

“Okay!” the five captains answered, feeling really warm instead. The blood inside their body just felt so warmed by such a gesture from Xu Cheng.

What was a boss?

Someone that could bring justice when you were bullied, someone that could make them feel safe. When they saw Xu Cheng killing off an entire mercenary clan just because his group suffered a few casualties, they felt very moved inside.

If someone were to have a boss that would protect his men this much, who wouldn’t fight with their lives on the line for him?

People were like this, they compared heart to heart. Maybe it was just a natural gesture from you, but other people might be so moved by it that they would do anything for you.

It was especially true for the two injured mercenaries that came over. Their eyes were completely bloodshot and became teary. 

You killed four of my brothers? I will kill your entire clan!

This was just too domineering!

They had never seen such a boss before. Take the boss of Wild Wolf for example, just look at how cowardly he was being right before death. At this moment, they all felt how vastly different Xu Cheng was as a boss in comparison to others. It was also this time that their loyalty and admiration for Xu Cheng skyrocketed.

It was especially true for the five captains. At this moment, they had no second thoughts about staying loyal to Xu Cheng for as long as he was alive. After all, they just witnessed how terrifying Xu Cheng’s capabilities were.

90 people plus the boss, the whole clan was killed in under 10 minutes!

And it was all done by just himself, with one dagger!

Xu Cheng went to wash his face and he saw they were almost done cleaning up when he came back. They were all standing by the trucks, waiting for Xu Cheng to come and give the order.

Xu Cheng walked over, and the five captains reported, “Big Brother Cheng, our biggest harvest today was five hundred million dollars, abundant ammunition, and firearms. There are also 30 cars, and we found a prospector map. They seemed to have found some minerals in this area.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Alright. Later on, we will come back to explore the area when we get some equipment.”

The five captains nodded.

Xu Cheng looked at how all the soldiers weren’t in a hurry to get into the cars but were all orderly standing in formation, waiting for him to give the order.

Xu Cheng scanned everyone, and he saw that someone actually dared to hide some loot for themselves during the sweep. He could easily see where they were hiding what.

This problem must be corrected. 

He sighed and said, “I’ve said it before, I don’t need you to be extremely capable, but you must know discipline, have absolute obedience, and execute all of my commands! Looks like you guys didn’t take my words to heart.”

The five captains were a bit shocked, completely not knowing what Big Brother Cheng meant.

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