Chapter 580: A Real First Impression (Part Two)

Xu Cheng glanced past those few mercenaries that stole something and loudly said, “Those that hid loot to keep for themselves, now you can consciously take them out. I will give you a chance, remember! This time, I’m giving you the chance because I treat you as my own brothers, so if you don’t treasure it, then I can only treat you as enemies. You guys also saw the fate of our enemies.”

The five captains were all shocked; they personally led their guys around to sweep the area, yet someone actually dared to pull such a move?

Immediately, they scolded their guys, “Didn’t you all hear Big Brother Cheng? Whoever stole something, hurry the fack up and take it out!”

Everyone was still standing upright, and some people felt a little guilty and began panicking.

But, under the pressure of Xu Cheng’s eyes, some people immediately came forward. There were 7 people, and they took out a few bars from their pockets and bags and lowered their heads and apologized, “Big Brother Cheng, we made a big mistake!”

The five captains’ faces changed, they didn’t think there would really be some people that dared to do this.

Xu Cheng said to those 7 guys, “When there’s money, we can make it together. But I said that all income has to go through the accountant’s hand before getting to yours. Concerning all this money that was made by the brothers together with our lives on the line, you guys are actually not embarrassed to sneak a portion for yourselves?”

Those seven guys lowered their heads in shame.

“Bring your subordinates back and punish them.” Xu Cheng looked at the five captains and snorted. 

“Yes!” the five captains all responded. 

Just as everyone thought this little episode is over, Xu Cheng said, “Someone still thinks they can get lucky, right? Alright, I said it, I only give one chance. 7th guy on the second row, step out!”

Suddenly, that mercenary began shivering all over.

“I told you to step out, didn’t you hear it?” Xu Cheng scolded. That kind of domineering aura was so oppressive that it was suffocating.

That mercenary’s captain directly went to drag him out of the formation to the front.

“I didn’t take anything, Big Brother Cheng!” that person cried and said. 

That captain searched all over his bags and body.

“It seems like he didn’t, Big Brother Cheng,” the captain said to Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng glanced at the foot of the mercenary and said, “Check his gun’s barrel for yourself.”

The captain immediately grabbed the gun, and he saw there was a cloth ball inside the barrel. Taking it out and shaking the barrel pointing down, several finished diamonds fell out!

When the captain saw this, his face directly changed and he instinctively slapped that mercenary across the face.

The mercenary fell to the ground on his knees, and the captain said in a deep voice, “You were given a chance but you didn’t treasure it, you are courting death yourself.”

Then, the captain pointed the gun at the mercenary’s head and shot it to set an example for the others.

Everyone at the scene swallowed their spittle, completely shocked. They were more shocked by how Xu Cheng found out.

How the fack did he know? 

It seemed like this man was just capable of everything!

At this time, Xu Cheng said, “If you guys treat me as your boss, then I will give you one last chance. Those that took something for themselves, don’t make me name you. My patience is limited. Let me say it again, I want absolute obedience!”

His face sank.

Immediately, 8 people came forward, shivering, and they handed over everything they pocketed. 

Ever since that incident, the iron order and discipline of the Deviant Corp went up another level, making the nature of this entire mercenary corp undergo a complete change.

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