Chapter 581: True Warriors of the Deviant Mercenary Corp (Part One)

When they returned to the base camp with Wild Wolf’s Boss’s dead body, the Deviant Mercenary Corp members were deeply shocked by Xu Cheng’s one-sided victory.

Cobra and Wild Wolf had been archenemies and fought with one another for so many years, yet now the Wild Wolf Clan had been wiped out by one single battle.

 Although those soldiers who stayed behind didn’t witness the battle in person, the commentary from other people who were present made them realize the true abilities of their boss, Xu Cheng. 

They were able to bring back a lot of vehicles and valuable gadgets that were roughly worth more than ten million dollars.  

Fifteen soldiers were brought out in front of everyone in the assembly area. 

Xu Cheng said in a straightforward manner, “Since you don’t have the Deviant tattoo on your bodies yet, I won’t kill you nor punish you. Just leave the Deviant Mercenary Corp.”

As soon as his words fell, there was an uproar in the crowd.

The fifteen soldiers raised their heads and looked at Xu Cheng in disbelief as they panicked.

“Big Brother Cheng, don’t drive us away. We swear we will follow the rules, let us stay in the Deviant Mercenary Corp.”

“Yeah, Big Brother Cheng, we shouldn’t have been greedy. We are willing to tattoo the symbol of the Deviant Mercenary Corp on ourselves. We are willing to fight for Deviant!”

How could they find another better mercenary clan and live a precarious life when they had already worked under a boss like Xu Cheng?

How could they just leave when they finally found someone powerful to follow?

Especially around this time of the year when the special forces competition had already begun, going solo would only get them killed by those Special Forces for points in the competition.

“Big Brother Cheng, let’s give them one more chance.” The captain of these soldiers from earlier stepped forward to plead for mercy.

Xu Cheng remained unmoved. “Give them one more chance? Have they ever thought about honor and shame? So the next time someone breaks the rules, we should give them another chance too? You think the rules are a joke? I told you, I want obedient soldiers, and anyone who has a problem with the rules can leave. They are not welcomed here!”

Then there were other captains who followed and looked at Xu Cheng with hope. Mario and the others thought about how everyone had once fought for the Deviant Corp, so they stepped forward and said, “Big Brother Cheng, it’s that special time of the year and they won’t be able to defend themselves if they go solo.”

Zhang Xiu followed. “Yeah, Big Brother Cheng, let’s punish them for breaking the rules and let them stay.”

Xu Cheng thought for a while and looked at the fifteen of them tied up as he snorted. “Either get out or accept the punishment, your choice.”

The fifteen of them gritted their teeth as they shouted, “We’ll accept the punishment!”

“Yes, we’ll accept the punishment as long as we can stay here!”

“Mario, take them away and punish them as hard as you can!” Xu Cheng gave a cold snort as he said to all the soldiers in a deep voice. “I ask everyone else here to listen up. If you want to stay, then you must obey the rules of the Deviant Mercenary Corp, and it is best not to step on my bottom line, which are the rules that I have established! For anyone who crosses the line, don’t blame me for not taking them as a brother in the future!”

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