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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 581.2

Chapter 581: True Warriors of the Deviant Mercenary Corp (Part Two)

Xu Cheng turned around after his speech, and he saw Diesel walk out from under the sun. Although he looked pale, it seemed like his injuries had completely recovered.

He walked up to Xu Cheng and half-kneeled like a knight. “Big Brother Cheng, my life is yours from now on!”

Xu Cheng helped Diesel up and said, “I don’t want your life, you just need to follow me.”

Diesel nodded and said without hesitation, “I’ll fight whoever and wherever you say!”

“Good.” Xu Cheng patted his shoulder. “Take Wild Wolf’s Boss’ dead body and pay your respects to the four soldiers who died fighting.”

Diesel nodded and as he looked at Wild Wolf’s Boss’ dead body, he couldn’t help but gain an inexplicable respect for Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng looked at his sixteen captains and said, “I hope that none of you will fall behind; continue to train and don’t slack off. I hope that we can all contribute together instead of someone muddling through the days, that you will set an example to the soldiers in your own team. Tomorrow and the day after will be the competition, it’s time to head out to lay traps and prepare the trenches.”

“Yes.” The sixteen captains nodded their heads.

Luo Yi as well as Li Wei and the other captains took the soldiers within their own group to continue with the drills.

But, Xu Cheng called out to Diesel.


“Big Brother Cheng.” Diesel turned and ran over to Xu Cheng.

“Follow me,” Xu Cheng said to him as he walked towards his office.

After Diesel followed him inside, Xu Cheng turned to him and said, “Can I choose to trust you? You know you originally belonged to Cobra, and a lot more people joined us this time. To be honest, many of them may not be loyal to the corp nor me.”

Diesel puffed out his chest and said to Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, I am different from them. I grew up here and ever since I was born, this place has been a war zone. I never knew that the outside world was so peaceful. I once fought for food, then for survival. I have only been grateful to two kinds of people in my life: the ones who gave me food to survive, and the other who saved my life in this messed up world.”

Diesel said as he picked up a dagger from the table and chopped his finger right off as blood poured all over the floor.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I hereby swear a blood oath, that I will be loyal to the Deviant Mercenary Corp and to you. You are my boss until the end of my life!”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “Then do you believe in me?”

Diesel replied. “I do! With your abilities, Big Brother Cheng, there is no reason you would harm me. You are the one who saved my life, so if you want it back one day, you can take it and I wouldn’t even blink.

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “In that case, follow me.”

Xu Cheng led him down to the basement, where he had asked the engineering team to construct an explosion-proof area.

There was a bed in the basement and Xu Cheng said to Diesel, “Come and lie down here.”

Diesel came and laid down as Xu Cheng took out a syringe and said to him, “The true warriors of the Deviant Mercenary Corp are not the ones outside. I am now, as the head of Deviant, inviting you to be a true warrior of the Deviant Mercenary Corp. Are you willing to join us?”

Diesel’s pupils shrank slightly, although he didn’t know what Xu Cheng was about to do, it felt somewhat divine, so he clenched his two fists tightly and said, “I do!”

“Then sleep for two days, and after two days, I hope you can overcome your willpower.” Xu Cheng said as he injected the anesthetic.

Diesel already had his serum antibodies in his body, and Xu Cheng took out another syringe from a hidden box, on which he wrote the model number.

This serum contained cells and was quite a simple concept. This was a first attempt and Xu Cheng did not know if it would be successful. He had tried it on animals before, and as long as there was Xu Cheng’s serum antibodies present in their bodies, the genetic fusion in those animals would be very successful. However, he didn’t know if it would be the same for humans.

Xu Cheng only had about sixty-percent confidence in this serum, but he felt that it should be no problem. He did not look for others and asked Diesel first because this guy stayed alive after getting shot and carried to the camp for a few hours. This was enough to show that his willpower was amazingly strong.

Xu Cheng felt that he could give it a try on Diesel.

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