Chapter 582: International Special Forces Competition Begins (Part One)

Only the genes from jaguars were present in this serum.  

The characteristic features of Jaguars were that they were sturdy and quick., and their sharp claws could tear through flesh! In comparison to lions, which were at the top of the food chain, their distinctive feature was their burst performance within a short amount of time. They could even fight among the treetops of the forest, while tigers and lions, although being the kings of the forest, were quite restricted in terms of their fighting environment.

Therefore, Xu Cheng chose the jaguar’s genes for Diesel to try. 

The Deviant mercenaries practiced the drills every day, while the engineers continued deeper into the ground behind the mountain.

Xu Cheng stayed in his basement that day, and Diesel had a reaction the same night he was injected with the solution. 

He would have struggled and rolled down from the table if it wasn’t for the table straps. The table was made with a solid steel frame, and the bandages were all cowhide. Diesel constantly let out tormenting roars of pain so loud that everyone above would be able to hear him in the middle of the night if the soundproofing system wasn’t great. 

Xu Cheng always had his eyes on Diesel’s reactions and sometimes he cheered beside his ears. “Hang in there, Diesel!” 

Diesel gritted his teeth, his eyes were bloodshot, and the pores of his body stretched out as they continuously oozed out blood. 

Xu Cheng knew that this was because the new cells were replacing the original cells, pushing them out of Diesel’s body. 

After a full 24 hours had passed and Diesel’s nails had become wide, long, and bright; that was when Xu Cheng knew that the cells had started to fuse.

Slowly, his claws seeped back into his flesh after Diesel stopped struggling, and everything else returned to what it was before. 


Bombs and gunfire were heard from a short distance away. 

The Special Forces Competition had begun. 

Participants came from ten countries, including Germany, the M Nation, the R Nation, Israel, Britain, and Italy. 

First up was the sweeping project. 

The entire map of the mercenary land was divided into ten districts and displayed as a 3D map in front of many national military scholars and generals. 

The maps purposely excluded territories that belonged to Kush and the other top ten mercenary clans, so this way, they would not encounter any difficult situations that may put their soldiers in danger.

Excluding these territories, the remaining half of the mercenary lands were occupied by other smaller groups. 

This half of the mercenary lands was divided into ten separate districts. 

Among them, the territory that belonged to Xu Cheng was named District 7. 

When the countries were drawing lots, the special forces team from the M Nation had picked out the draw and were to be in charge of sweeping District 7.

However, they immediately said to the judge, “What’s so challenging about this? I think we should draw a new one. This region, according to our intelligence, belonged to the Falcon Mercenaries who are long gone, and even if they are just hiding, it would mean that they are a bunch of garbage. The Wild Wolf Mercenaries were wiped out, so that only leaves the Black Cat Mercenaries and…. a newbie Deviant Mercenary Corp. There are only two mercenary corps in the district, that’s not even enough for us to gag. Look at the other areas, they all have at least five mercenary corps or more, and we only have two enemy forces; we wouldn’t feel accomplished even if we won.”

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