Chapter 583: A Brand New Diesel (Part One)

“Look at those [email protected]’ faces, I really facking want to go into the third phase and take them out during the military practice!” a soldier chewed the gum and cursed.

The captain was someone about 1.9 meters in height with a buzzcut. He looked at the satellite map and asked his team, “Which mercenary corp do we go after first?”

“It’s obvious. Of course we have to go to the biggest one in the area, take care of Black Cat and then report to HQ. We will also show others just how little time we need to take care of a large-sized mercenary group.”

“What’s the other one called?”

“You mean Deviant? We don’t have to worry about it. It’s just one that gathered all the left-over mercenaries in the area probably just to survive against us. Just leave it for last. After Black Cat, we will go and find Falcon and take it out and let the Polar Bears know, rubbing it in Russia’s face.”

With that, the team reached a consensus.

At the Deviant Corp’s campground, they could hear gunfire and explosions in the distance, and they were all a bit worried.

Only Xu Cheng was sitting by the edge of the bonfire roasting beef. 

He looked at the other mercenaries preparing defenses and being on guard at their respective sentry positions. 

The sun was about to go down, and their advantage would get smaller and smaller. It would soon be dark, and by then, without advanced equipment, it would be a lot harder for the sentries to spot enemies. 

The 15 team captains sat in a circle with Xu Cheng, and Diesel was still in the basement, unconscious. 

Xu Cheng said to Mario and the others, “You guys seem to be pretty scared.”

Luo Yi and Li Wei were actually very calm. They were top-tier special forces soldiers back in Huaxia, so they weren’t very nervous when faced with the special forces of other nations. Besides, they even had the Dragon King here, why would they be nervous?
But, the other people are indeed concerned.

“The scouts we sent out today got some intel; the country dealing with our area is the M Nation!” Vala said worriedly, “When their military plane landed in the safe zone, our people saw it. It was very clearly the flag of the M Nation.”

“Of the countries from all over the world, the M Nation is the most militarized and technologically advanced. Their equipment is all top of the line. If we fight them head-on, we will be at a very big disadvantage,” Mario said. 

“Big Brother Cheng, how about we retreat? We aren’t scared of death, but we don’t want to die in vain.”

Xu Cheng glanced at Vala and asked, “How many people do they have?”

Vala: “I don’t know the specifics, but there should be more than 30.”

Xu Cheng took out a cigar.

Seeing how worried these guys were, he said, “Want me to give you all a cigar to help calm yourselves?”

The others all shook their heads and didn’t dare to accept.

Now, the situation was that Big Brother Cheng was even scarier than those M Nation special forces troops, so everyone thought it would be best to not offend him.

Xu Cheng snorted, “They can send however many they want, and I will kill them all. It had always been them going around and killing people, why can’t they be killed? I will just give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Just then, Diesel, who disappeared for two days, actually walked out of a building and came over.

He sat down, appearing very calm. 

Xu Cheng asked him, “The M Nation’s guys will be here; our sector got assigned to them. Are you scared?”

“If it was two days ago, maybe I would be,” Diesel said, “but not anymore.”

Xu Cheng smiled. He knew this kid’s gene fusion was successful.

He pointed at a piece of roasted beef and said, “Cut a piece for me.”

“Alright.” Diesel nodded. Then, from the tip of his finger extended imperceptible sharp white blades, like white claws. It was very difficult for people to see at night by the bonfire.

He just moved his hand over the meat, and a piece of it just fell onto the plate as if it was cut swiftly by a sharp katana.

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