Chapter 585: Ready to Fight (Part One)

The people below panicked. “Okay, fifty thousand is fifty thousand, everything is at your disposal.”

Xu Cheng snorted as he thought. Play the bargaining trick with me when you might lose your life? That’s too young and naïve.

Xu Cheng then added on. “I have one more request.”

The people below couldn’t take it anymore. “Are you f*cking finished?”

Xu Cheng said, “If I succeed in protecting you all, then you will each have to pay us an additional 50,000 dollars.”

“What?” Those people were shocked as they thought it was a f*cking money grab.

“You guys know how powerful the M Nation is. Look at Black Cats and the others, a hundred of them, dead and wounded, and they couldn’t even handle it. We will lose a lot of soldiers just to offer you shelter, so is it not okay to give 50,000 to the dead soldiers as a back pay? If you guys have a problem, then don’t come up here,” Xu Cheng said.

The people below argued, “I don’t f*cking believe that you guys can stop the M Nation troops when they come.”

A few people looked at each other and someone shouted, “Fine, but if the M Nation doesn’t come here and we’re safe, then we won’t give the $50K. However, if they do and you guys can fight them off, then we will give you the other $50K!”

“Deal.” Xu Cheng said cheerfully, “Get in line and come up one by one. Register your belongings here and you can come back to collect them afterwards. But let me make it clear first, we don’t have any extra rooms here, so whether it’s rainy or windy at night, you guys will have to solve the accommodation problems yourselves.”


They felt as if they were tricked.

A total of about two-hundred people chose to take refuge.

They were allowed inside after they submitted their firearms and other dangerous items, and the $50K.

Xu Cheng squatted in the doorway smoking a cigarette and Lin Dong was there counting the money as he laughed out loud. “Master, that was a quick and easy 10 million in cash we got.”

Diesel stood beside Xu Cheng and said in a low voice, “Boss, thank you.”

Everyone else called Xu Cheng ‘Big Brother Cheng’, and he was the only one who called Xu Cheng ‘Boss’. Technically, he was now truly a warrior of the Deviant Corp.

“Don’t thank me. Since you have joined Deviant, you will fight for the Deviant Corp with your life. You have changed fundamentally starting from your cells, can you feel it?

Diesel nodded and said, “I feel it.”

Xu Cheng said, “Now technically speaking, the two of us are genetically different from the human genome. You must remember from now on, you can’t go to hospitals for treatment because they will notice the difference, unless you want to be dissected for research and experimentation. I hope you won’t regret or hate me for turning you into someone like me in the future.”

“I won’t, Boss,” Diesel said seriously.”I know better than anyone how important it is for a person to be strong in this world; the weak are the prey of the strong. I have watched the people around me die one by one, and once feared that I wouldn’t survive if I was not strong enough. But now, I have at least some confidence in my future, and it’s you that gave me that.”

Xu Cheng sighed. “Someone once told me that people like me will make enemies with the world. Do you know what that means?”

Diesel nodded. “Yes. It means that if we are exposed, we will be treated like aliens and won’t fit into society.’

“That’s right. You have seen what has happened to your body, and to be exact, your abilities have exceeded normal human beings. I can tell you why I am here, because I think that if the day ever comes when there will be more people like the two of us, this can be your home and mine as well. So, from this day forward, you are fighting for your home, and my goal is to unify this place,” Xu Cheng said in a straightforward manner.

Diesel’s pupils dilated.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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