Chapter 586: Even If Your Boss is Strong, You Won’t Win (Chapter One)

Those who had taken refuge in the city heard about how the leader of the Deviant Corp shot down drones and their faces looked dignified.

Those special forces did end up coming here.

The remnants of Black Cat said to Deviant’s team captains, “Their strength is not the main problem. The key is the latest soft bulletproof vest they are wearing that was developed by the M Nation’s Ministry of Defense. Our bullets have difficulty penetrating, and they can easily shrug off the impact with the bullets’ power. They are also wearing special military helmets and it’s difficult to cause fatal injuries to their heads. We had to sacrifice our members to take out two of their soldiers using suicide bombing. You guys will have a hard time taking them out unless you have missiles, explosive packs, or a large caliber gun. Once they get close, you might be dead before you even shoot.”

The others felt more scared having heard what they said.

At this time, Vala cursed at the Black Cats, “You wimps should stop saying how powerful they are. They’ve got less than thirty people, and our Deviant Corp, we have a solid two hundred. We can just overrun them with sheer numbers. Could they have that many bullets? There are many of us Deviant Mercenaries who aren’t afraid of death, and when we’re really pushed to our limits, human bombs will teach them a lesson. Our boss once told us to not encourage other people’s ambitions and destroy your own confidence.”

The man from the Black Cats was displeased. “The key is that they have three S-ranked experts, and the other 25 are A-ranked or higher. Forgetting the fact that they have ammunition, know that they’re all capable of fighting solo. Do you know what the S-rank stands for? An elite level character who could destroy a team with his own strength.”

The rest of the Black Cats nodded and looked at the captains of Deviant. “I took a look around, which one of you is S-ranked?”

His words silenced the Deviant’s team captains.

Even Li Wei and Luo Yi were only A+ rank, which was one step away from being S-ranked.

Mario responded, “Our team captain Li Wei and Luo Yi should be.”

Luo Yi answered, “No, we’re one rank lower.”

Mario was speechless. “Then our boss should be, right?”

The man from the Black Cats sneered. “Even if he’s an S, they have three S experts and your boss is just one, how is he going to fight them? If the opponent chooses to attack in the dark, wearing a bulletproof vest and a special bulletproof helmet, who can line up a lethal shot at their face in the shortest possible time? Once you miss with one shot, then the other party can come in close with a knife. The lighting here at night is particularly poor and relying solely on guns will not be sufficient to deal with them. So, should he rely on strength? But who can resist an ambush from three S-rank experts? Your group will be easily defeated once your boss dies!”

That was when Li Wei asked him, “Was that how you Black Cats got exterminated?”

The Black Cats group nodded. “After all, it’s the M Nation’s special forces; they are indeed skilled. In this situation, it’s not a matter of whether you’re afraid of dying or not, but that you can’t even hurt them at all even if you’re not afraid of death.”

Luo Yi laughed as he said, “Cut the crap, if they dare to come in and try to exterminate us like what they did to you, our boss will teach them how to behave.”

Mario agreed. “That’s right, our boss is strong.”

The other captains also nodded. “Indeed.”

The Black Cats turned to look at Xu Cheng, who was squatting and smoking over there, and they couldn’t see where the Deviant Mercenaries’ confidence was coming from. This guy looks pretty normal.

Xu Cheng exhaled a mouthful of smoke and turned to yell at the group of people over there who were bragging. “They still have fifty miles left until they reach us. Don’t just stand there! It’s better to take out a few more enemies if you have time to brag.”

Diesel said to Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, just let us know if you need anything.”

“No need, you haven’t fully figured out your abilities and limits yet. It’s expected that you would be able to improve to another level higher. Currently you are only A+ ranked, and it’s not suitable to expose yourself early. I’ll handle it this time, and you take a good look at exactly what kind of height we can achieve in the future.” Xu Cheng said, “You are in charge of protecting that old man in the lab, he absolutely cannot die even if you do.”

Diesel nodded. “Roger. I have been wondering, you seem to have some problems with him, but why don’t you kill him?”

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