Chapter 587: Take by Surprise (Part One)

If one car wasn’t enough, they would immediately send another car across the open road.

They didn’t believe that the base camp wouldn’t have any cars for them to drive back to their base with, so all they had to do was take them.  

The constant explosions of the mines detonating came from the bottom of the hill.  

Those on the hill, especially the group of people who took refuge, were all worried inside with their eyelids twitching.  

It was a bit hard to see the road ahead as the explosion caused sand to swirl into the air. But the troops were in no hurry, as they could slowly kill their way up after the mines were gone.  

“Scout the terrain; is there a way out from behind this mountain?” Casey asked the headquarters.  

The commander replied, “No, this is Brokeback mountain, and it’s got cliffs behind it that are quite high.”

Casey: “Roger, then we’ll wait until our view clears.”  

The commander explained, “What I meant was that we should wait until nightfall since it is more suitable for combat. We can cut the cables in this area to cut off their power supply, and then wait for an opportunity. First use the drones to scout out the exact location of their leader and assassinate him to demoralize them.”

“No, I disagree. First of all, you have said that this is a group of soldiers who are not afraid to die, so if their leader was assassinated, it will only inflame their spirit even more.”  

“So what are you suggesting?”  

“I support the night battle plan, but we should directly wipe them out completely. It would be a more direct way to train our overall combat strength. We are aces, so please respect us.”  

“Alright, so how sure are you guys about taking down this place?”  

“Ninety percent! I mean, we can kill at least 90 percent of them! While the rest will probably run away.”  

“Well, we’ll be watching you with a drone. Good luck.”  

“By the way, what’s the ranking of the other countries?”  

“So far we are at the bottom with only 90 points. Even other smaller nations have 120 points. The highest ranked ones are the Polar Bears from R Nation; they are natural-born fighters and are very tough. By the time they are done with a place, there isn’t even any grass left. They’ve got 478 points at the moment.” 

“That means to surpass them, we have to kill all the troops here, right?”  

HQ: “Yes.”  

Casey: “Good, I can’t wait to clear the area. You guys help us scout out any other small forces near this area.”  

HQ: “By the way, I have to remind you of one thing. According to the information that the locals have gathered, this location you are in actually belongs to the territory of the Falcon Mercenaries, which have been taken over by the Deviant Mercenary Corp. We suspect that they’ve eliminated the Falcon Mercenaries already. Also, to be more exact, they assimilated the members of Cobra after killing their boss, and also exterminated a hundred of the Wild Wolf mercenaries. This Deviant Mercenary Corp is quite strong.”

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