Chapter 588: This Opponent Is Beyond Our Assessment (Part One)  

Correct. Xu Cheng would never let them inside to see what was going on exactly, so he had to come out early.  

For what?

To kill!  

The headquarters realized the live feed had suddenly been cut off.  

The technician shouted out in horror, “Oh no! He destroyed the drone. He was actually able to hit it and at such a high altitude no less!”  

The commanders immediately said to Casey and the others on the scene, “Evacuate immediately and stop the attack for now. We can’t give you an exact view as the drone has been destroyed. You’re now in a blind spot.”

Casey: “So how did he see us?”  

HQ: “I don’t know.”  

Caset: “Was it just luck?”  

HQ: “Don’t kid yourself, how could he hit the only weak spot from just a guess?”  

Casey: “Isn’t he only one person? We know how to kill him!”

Having said that, Casey turned around and said to his comrade, “Pique, you’re in charge of that sniper 1 km away in the 45-degree direction.”  

Pique nodded, grabbed a dagger and a pistol as he rolled out of the car, and raced in that direction.  

He was fast and used the sand as cover; he was confident that he was perfectly fast enough to avoid the bullets.

Bang! He had run out for less than a minute. 

Casey and the others were hiding behind the car, and when they heard the gunshot, they didn’t know if it had hit Pique or not. So Casey tapped on his headset and said, “Pique, do you copy? Respond.”  

There was no response from Pique.  

Casey panicked. “Pique!”  

Still no response.  

Casey growled at the headquarters, “I need a new drone to take a look at the whole situation. Pique isn’t answering, can you guys see if he’s okay or not.”  

Pique had actually been taken out by a single shot and had died.  

The commanders were also a bit anxious. “It will take five minutes for the nearest drone to fly to your area.”  

When the drones from the other areas finally flew close, their live feeds were suddenly cut off just as they reached where Casey and the team was.  

“FUK, it’s been hit again, what the fck is this?” The commanders were furious as this was the fourth drone that had been destroyed.  

“The drone got destroyed again. There’s no way to see if Pique is okay or not, one of you needs to go over for support.”  

Casey looked at his other comrades. “Bruce, you go check it out. I’ll cover you.”


Casey fired a shot at the other mine areas, exploding a mine and causing the sand and dust to rage even more so it would interfere with that sniper’s vision.

Bruce took the opportunity and charged towards the direction that Pique had headed towards to check on him.

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