Chapter 589: Speed? Scare You To Death (Part One) 

They had detectors that could detect mines, and Xu Cheng had activated his penetrating vision to know which areas were mined. These guys want to cross over?  

Xu Cheng saw that three of them with detectors found a mine 4 meters ahead of them, and they immediately went around the mine as they continued to crawl forward.  

However, why would Xu Cheng give them this chance? Thus, he aimed a shot at a mine beside them! 


“He fired!” The commander was surprised, fearing that Xu Cheng would aim for a headshot again.  

“No way. He wouldn’t be able to hurt our men this way, as long as they don’t expose their faces…”  

Before he could finish, one of the mines around the three soldiers was detonated, which caused a chain reaction to the three other mines near it and a total of four mines exploded.  


“Ah! My eyes!” 

“My ears!” 

The loud sound and the sand blast from the explosion pierced into the soldier’s eyes, making them sting, and the huge shock wave made their eardrums buzz for a short period of time. They were unable to hear the voices of other people around them.  

The commander was shocked when he saw this.  

The soldiers couldn’t be protected well with this kind of detonation around the minefield.  

One of the soldiers had his helmet directly blown away by the blast of sand caused by the explosion.  

Bang. A shot was fired.  

This guy who lost his helmet was directly shot through the head by Xu Cheng.  

The two soldiers beside him, one was rubbing his eyes while the other was covering his ears; and the next thing they saw when they finished was their comrade on the ground beside them with dull eyes like a dead fish, lying motionless as his blood slowly leaked into the yellow sand.  

“George…” A soldier pushed at his body and found out he was dead already.  

“He’s dead!”  

Casey and the other soldiers smacked their fists onto the ground.  

“If I don’t kill this murderer today, I’ll f*cking quit the Special Forces!”     

Xu Cheng saw that they were having a brief moment of grief as he stared at the drone’s camera and took out a cigarette from his bag; he then removed the mask above his mouth as he bit on the cigarette and lit it up in a calm and relaxed manner.  

He even waved his hand towards the drone at the end.

The group of commanders behind the camera almost spat out blood from anger.


Outright mockery!  

“Doesn’t he know that we are from M Nation? And he’s still so arrogant. If this man doesn’t die, then we will be failures even if we were to win the championship this year.” The commander was furious. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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