Chapter 590: Special Treatment at Special Times (Part One)  

When Fick counted down to ‘one,’ the comrade in front of him shifted his body away immediately.  

Fick’s eyes immediately focused on the sniper lens and saw a target. He was 0.3 seconds to lock onto the target when he saw Xu Cheng’s head in the crosshairs, and he was about to pull the trigger, and a ‘bang’ was heard on the battlefield.  

The commander asked, “Target down?”  

The technician used the drone’s camera to zoom in on Xu Cheng and found he was still holding half a cigarette in his mouth while exhaling white smoke, so he said, “The shot missed.” 

HQ: “Casey, who fired the shot? Him or Fick?”  

“The shot wasn’t from Fick, it was the target. Fick’s bullet didn’t go out, and he got shot in the head! That guy’s bullet pierced through the lens and went in his eye and through his head!” Casey replied in a ghostly voice.  

Everyone in the headquarters was shocked!  

Was he human? 

The soldier beside Fick was more than stunned because when he got out of the way, he thought he heard Fick’s shot within a blink of an eye. Who knew that Fick’s head would suddenly fall backwards, and then his whole head would smash into the sand, his sniper rifle never shooting out a single bullet.  

The blood splattered onto the soldier’s face as he stayed still in shock, and his hands were subconsciously blocking his face with the helmet as he panicked and cried out anxiously.  

“Sht, that’s not fcking human. You guys better figure out what we’re going to do now.” He was a bit broken inside as he had witnessed two of his comrades beside him get their heads blown off. It was a situation where an elite sniper couldn’t even do the job, and under this circumstance, an incomprehensible opponent was the most frightening.

Not just him, but the entire team had never met such a bizarre opponent.  

When Casey heard that his comrade had broken down and was on the verge of crying, he also pressured the commanders as he said, “You guys better check out if this guy is Kush or not!”  

“No way! Kush has an agreement with us that he won’t interfere or go against us as long as we don’t infringe on his territory. He knows what it means to break the agreement and he also can’t change the set rules around here.”

The soldier next to Fick questioned, “So can you explain to me how he is doing it? We all seem to be under his control here, and don’t tell me they bought a naked-eye camera device. Hitting mines, accurately blowing heads off from 800 meters away with a single shot, I want to ask you which sniper in the world has such a terrifying record? It seemed like he was expecting every move we made. He even knew that I’d cover Fick and Fick would be aiming at him! All of this means he knows what we’re doing, so shouldn’t you guys explain?”

The commanders went into silence.

They stared at each other looking for an answer.  

“What do you have to say?”  

One of them ran through his thoughts and said, “First of all, this man is an excellent sniper. So good that it’s almost unbelievable. I don’t think it’s possible for a human to do that, which means that his gun must be some special hightech gun, equipped with some sort of AI locking and targeting system.”  

The Commander in Chief immediately dismissed him after he finished, “You mean, there are other countries that are more than a decade ahead of our M Nation in the military field? The kind of gun you’re talking about can only be imagined as not only does the whole gun need to be equipped with AI chips; the bullets have to be specially produced as well. Do you think he’s using an intelligent navigation weapon in a country with no satellites or internet around?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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