Chapter 591: The Battle of the Remaining Three (Part One)  

The sight of Xu Cheng taking out another cigarette was very annoying to the M Nation commanders.  

“Kill him and bring his corpse back to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.”  

“Countdown to the drone dropping small bombs. Three seconds!” 


Casey and the others all pulled out their guns and laid down on the ground as they prepared to get up and make their next move.




A small bomb fell from above Xu Cheng’s head. 


Although it was blown by the wind and fell a bit off target, the bomb still exploded beside Xu Cheng. An average person would have been crippled if not killed by that explosion.  

For a moment, the dust and sand stirred in the air and the large open sandy area suddenly gave Casey and the others a chance.  

They quickly got up and rushed to that place.  


As they got up, they had thought that even if Xu Cheng didn’t die, he would need some time to recover from that minor concussion, or if he could lift his sniper rifle, his vision would be disturbed by the sandstorm and he wouldn’t be able to hit the target. 

But they were wrong.  

The moment the twenty-three of them got up…  

The sound of gunfire followed.  

And it was at a consistent firing rate.  

Bang, bang, bang… 

A total of six shots were fired!  

The M Nation soldiers who had just stood up fell backwards one after another as if their heads had run into a wall, and they all remained on the ground motionless.  

The commanders were shocked as they watched their six soldiers suddenly fall to the ground.  

“How could it be! How is this possible! Was it him shooting? Or was there someone else?” 

“No! There was no one else around; could there have been some other mercenaries waiting in ambush in the sand? That must be it, otherwise it’s hard to explain how he could have done all this on his own! Those six bursts of gunfire just now, it couldn’t have been at that frequency. I don’t believe he’s still alive and firing!”  

“Casey, stop the attack.” The commander shouted, “They might have an ambush ready.”  

Casey and the others sprinted forward like panthers. “It’s too late.  Everyone stop, only Zachary, Bowen, and I, the three of us, will charge forward. We’ll demolish our opponents with our true ability! Regardless of his dirty tricks and tactics, I’m determined to kill him!”  

Zachary, Bowen, and Casey were the only three S-ranked pros on the team, and they split up three ways to divert Xu Cheng’s attention as they pulled their helmets down in front of their faces. 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

They were smart as they covered their faces with their helmets while charging forwards, so that they wouldn’t follow in the footsteps of their six comrades.  

Although it would slow them down, with their explosive power and stamina, they could run far faster than an average person.  

They reached 800 meters within just one minute of sprinting.  

Xu Cheng quickly aimed at those mines underneath their feet and detonated them with one shot after another. 

For a while, the seventeen soldiers running were surrounded by exploding mines bursting out layers of sand. The soldiers who were close enough were directly blown away, and even if they had bulletproof vests and helmets, that shockwave still shocked them to the point where their whole bodies were uncomfortable, making them dizzy after falling hard onto the ground.  

There were nine soldiers who were directly affected by the mine blast and fell onto the ground, and although they didn’t die, they had lost their ability to fight for a short time. 

The commanders turned pale seeing what was happening.  

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