Chapter 593. Can I Have Your Autograph? You’re So Cool (Part One) 

Then, the sand in the air cleared.  

A floor covered in corpses appeared, and a man in black was the only one standing. 

At last, he looked back at the drone and flicked the bullet in his hand with his fingers at it, shooting down the drone. 

Click. The live feed was terminated. 

The headquarters went into a dead silence as if a pin drop could be heard. 

They sat straight and stiffened in their chairs as they rubbed their hair in disbelief. 

All four commanders fell directly to the floor hearing the rustling sounds from the blackened screen; everyone there couldn’t help but wipe their tears. 

The battle was more than death, it showed them a terror that they had no knowledge of at all.  

The opponent’s side hadn’t lost a single soldier, they hadn’t even fought, and the moment they had just crossed the line, one of the world’s most elite special forces teams fell just like that!  

They died in what every nation thought would be the weakest area, District 7.  

However, the brutal death rate woke the M Nation, not with a slap but rather by beating them to the ground. 

Everyone in the headquarters looked as if their wives had remarried or their kdis had died. 

It was evening.  

Xu Cheng waved his hand at Diesel, who had been gazing at the mountain, and he quickly rushed down the mountain. 

Soon afterwards, when the refugees thought a storm would be coming, but it turned out that not only did it not come, what came instead were two trucks piled high with dead bodies instead!  

The corpses of the M Nation’s Special Forces!  

Xu Cheng got off the truck with a cigarette in his mouth as he shouted at the Black Cats, “Come over and count the number of people to see if these are the right ones. Look carefully, don’t make any mistakes.”  

The guys from Black Cats ran out and were shocked when they saw the dead bodies of the M Nation Special Forces piled up in the truck.  

Not to mention them, even the Deviant team captains were stunned when they rushed over to see the corpses.  

Xu Cheng went straight into his office to change his clothes.  

The refugees and the Black Cats turned over the corpses as they gathered around the truck, discussing how these people were killed.  

Cheksov crouched down to look at the bodies as he sighed. “A bullet to the head! At least twelve of these people died from a sniper, and every single one of them took a direct hit to the face!”  

Having said that, he touched the bulletproof vests on these soldiers and smacked his lips. “Woah, the cost of this one piece of equipment is definitely in the tens of thousands of US dollars! It’s a set with the helmet, designed to protect soldiers with high solo combat abilities like knight armor.”

The Black Cat’s men nodded. “With this stuff, our bullets can’t hurt them. And in a chaotic battle, the helmets on their heads and armor cover everything below their neck, it’s hard to hit right in the face.” 

Cheksov said, “That’s right, you can see they all had been shot through their faces. Boss is Boss, and his sniper rifle shots are appallingly accurate.” 

Mario continued, “They weren’t necessarily weak. You guys come and check out these other bodies. 14 of them had their throats slit, meaning they were assassinated at close range!” 

“These three were the heads of the special forces this time. This man’s name is Casey; I heard them call him Captain that night, and according to other information we got from the black market earlier, these three are at S-rank.” The Black Cats were shocked to see the bodies of Casey, Zachery, and Bowen. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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