Chapter 594. What an Arrogant Outlaw (Part One)

– United Nations Military Camp-

One week later, it was time for all the nations’ soldiers to retreat and report their results.

The judge stood at the podium and said, “The first mission is over. Now I’ll report the statistics and rankings of the Nations. First place, the Polar Bears with 587 points!”

The Polar Bear team members fist bumped each other in celebration.

“Second place, I Nation with 551 points.”

The I Nation’s military level might not be the strongest, but their special forces soldiers and intelligence organization were among the best in the world.

Even though that was the case, they were also very surprised to get second place in the first mission.

Someone asked curiously, “What about the M Nation?”

“Bullsh*t. No matter how good they are, how many points can they get for that weak and unpopulated District 7? Even if they wipe out the large and small armed forces in that area, I’m afraid they still won’t be able to take advantage of those points,” the other soldiers analyzed.

After the judge had reported the 9th place, M Nation still didn’t make the ranking.

Finally, the judge said, “M Nation, last place with 0 points. They have been eliminated from this tournament!”

Everyone at the scene went into an uproar.

Those other special forces were asking one another, “What the hell is going on?”

They looked around for the M Nation soldiers but did not see any at their section, and there were the delegation and the commanders, but not a single soldier.

The commander took the stage and said, “Everyone, I have to announce some very unfortunate news here today. Just a day ago, a total of 30 elite special forces operators of our country laid down their lives with great honor while raiding a mountainous armed area.”

As he finished his sentence, his face was flushed with embarrassment.

He also saw the way those soldiers offstage wanted to laugh, and in the end, they did indeed burst out laughing.

“Did I hear that right? Who was the one at the beginning that said they wanted to select another district because they didn’t want to be bullies?”

“LMAO. All laid down their lives? What is this concept? There’s no precedent for this kind of mass casualties in the history of the M Nation’s military career, is there?”

“I wondered why they had 0 points. So, it turns out that they all got eliminated. Today is not April Fool’s Day, is it? I’m afraid that’s the best joke I’ve heard this year.”

“I was expecting that since so many of them are pros, I was worried about losing to them in the single combat missions this year. But I didn’t expect that they couldn’t even get past the easiest mission in that weakest district; and that all of them were killed in action.”

“I don’t know why but I pity them, because their death did not get a reputation. The Black Cat Mercenaries, Falcons are the only two major mercenaries in the area. God, how stupid could they be that they got wiped out!”

Listening to the jeers of those rival country’s soldiers offstage, the M Nation’s commander felt humiliated like never before.

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