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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 594.2

Chapter 594. What an Arrogant Outlaw (Part Two)

Even among all the previous tournaments, no country had ever been eliminated because they had lost all soldiers; all of them have given up the tournament due to heavy casualties. Yet this time, the M Nation was the first one that all of them were killed in action and therefore eliminated from the tournament automatically.

This kind of phenomenon could be justified if it had happened to a small country, but for the M Nation, it was simply shocking to believe that they were wiped out in the first mission.

Even the commanders still couldn’t believe it themselves, but he could only come out and accept the fact and the mockery that came along with it.

“Everyone, listen. District 7 is perhaps the toughest and most difficult of the 10 Districts.” The commander tried to justify himself.

But the teams from the other countries in the audience sneered. “Of course, they are not easy since they wiped out the great M Nation. However, to see this type of panicked expression on the face of a M Nation Commander, those who don’t know would think that you are from a fake M Nation.”


They all burst into laughter.

The commander of M Nation Special Forces then said, “I’m willing to show you the video footage of this operation, and I hope that after you watch it, you’ll understand what really happened.”

Having said that, he played the recorded footage captured by the drone with a projector behind him.

In the video, seven or eight vehicles with 28 soldiers on them were detecting mines in the sand dunes. Not far away, a man wearing a black hood and carrying a sniper rifle on his back appeared roughly 1 kilometer away from those soldiers.

“You guys should pay careful attention to what he’s about to do.” The commander pointed at the screen.

Suddenly, the man in black in the video laid down with the sniper rifle and then aimed at those M Nations soldiers from 1 kilometer away. The middle area between the two parties was a mine field with sand blowing up in the air from the detonated mines. That was to say, the two sides could not see much of each other, but this man in black fired a first shot!

Bang! A soldier suddenly fell onto the ground, followed by a second shot with another soldier down.

At this point, the video paused.

The commander looked at the soldiers offstage. “He’s in exactly the place where a sniper rifle can barely ensure range and accuracy, and I ask you, who amongst you can shoot from this distance and land the shot right in the face of a target? And shoot through the harsh sand and dust interference, while also being able to ignore your opponents’ bulletproof vests and helmets?”

The group of soldiers in the audience who were laughing came to an abrupt halt as they stared at the video with their eyes widened.

Several snipers shook their heads lightly. “That’s a bit of a weird shot.”

The commander switched to another video. “Our soldiers realized that too, so they used their helmets to cover their face as they crawled towards this sniper. We even had a sniper engage the enemy at a comfortable distance, so we could shoot him confidently. I think you’d better see this for yourselves. “

He pressed the play button for the video of Fick and Xu Cheng shooting at each other.

It was the most horrifying and shocking scene.

The drone even zoomed in on a close-up shot, and the commander said, “Our soldier covered the sniper from various positions, and even the drone flew over the opponent’s head to give our sniper more directional positioning. But in just 0.2 seconds, as soon as our comrade moved away, when our sniper’s face got exposed and before he even fired, it seemed like the opponent already knew where he was and what move he was going to make. The enemy then made one shot, shooting through the sniper scope and into our sniper’s head!”

Everyone was shocked by the video footage!


And after that, the video of Xu Cheng waving at the camera made all the special soldiers on the scene break into an uproar.

“How arrogant!”

“This is like a robber provoking the police authority after successfully robbing a bank of all its money. Honestly, even though it’s directed at the M Nation, as a special forces soldier, I’m angry because he’s an outlaw and I’m justice! He was also mocking and provoking us indirectly.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. JamieHamAndEggs

    Despite being from the M nation and disliking the current Huaxia government, I can’t help but admire this sniper for his planet sized titanium balls.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yeeet boi, yeah lets just enjoy the story and put aside politics

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