Chapter 595. Scattered Like Birds and Beasts (Part One)

The M Nation’s commanders did it.

All they wanted was to provoke these mercenaries’ resentment towards what Xu Cheng had done, and to make them feel that they had been seriously humiliated.

They shifted the problem on the national level into a problem of a confrontation between justice and the outlaws.

It was obvious that they couldn’t just go back. If they returned with the man still free and wandering around, then they would lose their jobs. Now, they were redeeming their mistakes and trying to mitigate their wrong-doings. As long as they exterminated Xu Cheng’s area, then they would only need to face a punishment instead of losing their jobs when they return to the M Nation.

“Currently, the remains of our soldiers have been taken away, and their attitudes were quite arrogant.”

The commander played the footage of the video call with Xu Cheng.

The unrestrained look of Xu Cheng in the footage showed no fear of the M Nation’s troops nor the possibility of any large-scale military operations to exterminate them.

A group of special forces from the other countries stood up and said, “Exterminating them doesn’t require any tanks or warships. Just ourselves will be enough to teach him how to behave!”

“Good, he may have made extensive preparations in that one area so that he could take the M Nation special forces out. I don’t think he could really do blind sniping and aim for the faces of the M Nation soldiers that accurately. How in the world could anyone do that?”

The commander saw that they were angry and felt that he had achieved his goal, so he signaled at the judge whom he had bribed.

The judge nodded and walked up to the podium. “So the second mission will not involve the M Nation’s participation. The second mission is a beheading mission! The target will be the leader of the Deviant Mercenary Corps, that man in black!”

The other countries weren’t stupid, and those commanders had already figured out that the M Nation was definitely working on something behind the scenes.

The M Nation had lost their face big time this time, and it was obviously impossible for them to withdraw from the competition so easily. So they will try to use their existing resources to kill the mercenaries that made them fall into disgrace.

This mission was not so much about points, but more about justice for the M Nation and recovering the bodies of their soldiers.

First of all, how could they come up with the 14 million ransom money they need? Who would pay for it? Their country? It would be impossible for them to ask their government to take out this money because of their mistakes and the embarrassing turn of event. Obviously, the commanders were responsible for this amount of money, which they did not have. Therefore, they had to make someone else do the dirty job and get the bodies back without spending a penny.

However, the other countries did not reject the task because eliminating the Deviant Corp was the same thing as eliminating the other mercenaries. They also wanted to see how powerful the Deviant Mercenaries were, since they could wipe out the entire special forces team from the M Nation.

“Strike tonight! Whichever team can kill the leader of the Deviant Corp will be the winners of this mission,” the Judge announced.  

The other countries started to investigate and learn more about the man in black with the available information.

All 9 countries wanted to dominate the second round of the competition, which tested each member’s tactics, strategy, and execution. Strictly speaking, this stage tested more of each team’s solo combat ability.

“The shameless M Nation is using us as guns, right?”

“That doesn’t matter since the mission is the same no matter who we are targeting. I actually want to meet this man in black from the Deviant Corp. I don’t believe that he was able to wipe out the M Nation’s special forces on his own.

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