Chapter 595. Scattered Like Birds and Beasts (Part Two)

“You think any person off the streets could be on the same level as the mercenary king? Kush’s battle that day established his legendary status, and there are only five people in the world who can match up to his level. Did you think we can just run into one?”

Xu Cheng waited for a day for the M Nation to pay the ransom for their soldiers’ bodies and nothing came back so he said to those captains, “The silence of the M Nation means they are not compromising. I think those three have probably been shot, do any of you have any news from that side?”

Li Wei, who was in charge of the intelligence, said, “Big Brother Cheng, the worst news is here. The beheading mission is in our district and the target is you!”

The other team captains straightened their faces!

The beheading mission was basically a big scramble of all ten nations involved trying to kill the leader. It would be a massacre, and anyone who tried to stop them and protect the leader would be killed.

Of course, there were also examples in history where the leaders were handed over, so they could be spared.

Xu Cheng laughed after hearing this. “It looks like my showoff is overdone, and now everyone’s got their eyes on us.

Diesel asked Li Wei, “You didn’t share this information with anyone else right?”

Li Wei shook his head. “No.”

The refugees as well as the Black Cat mercenaries all gathered around and pointed at Xu Cheng. “See, you killed their soldiers and now, great, this camp is getting surrounded for the beheading mission!”

Xu Cheng raised his eyebrows. “Are we supposed to wait for them to kill us instead?”

“But you shouldn’t provoke them.” The refugee said, “Do you know that being sieged means slaughter?”

As soon as the man finished speaking, Diesel kicked him in the face and shouted in a deep voice, “Watch your f*cking mouth! Without our Boss, you bastards wouldn’t even be standing here talking!”

“We paid our money, but now you got us in even more trouble. The 10 nations joining together will cause more deaths! You guys should refund our money and get us out of here!”

“Yes, I thought it would be somewhat safer here and we could fight and win together. Well, now all 10 countries are involved for the beheading mission. Even if we join together, it’s not enough for people to soak up their bullets. Not only did you not make us safe, you got us into even more trouble. Refund us and let us go!”

“This area wasn’t supposed to be noticed, and now all eyes are on us. You should have sent the soldiers’ bodies out long ago. Provoking the M Nation like that, are you trying to make everyone follow you to your death?”

“Any of you who are upset can get the hell out of here!” Diesel and Luo Yi yelled at those people. They ushered Xu Cheng to the side, preventing them from approaching any closer.

Xu Cheng directly said to these people, “I will not refund the money. If you want to leave, go ahead. But I want to tell you that whoever leaves today will be our enemy in the future. No matter where you run and hide, as long as you are still in the Land of Mercenaries, you will die!”

Those people were shocked.

But some others yelled, “Let’s wait until you get out of here alive and survive tonight’s crisis. We’re not going with you to confront ten nations, let’s go!”

As someone took the lead, the others followed and headed outside.

The ones who left were either those scattered mercenaries or were individually armed. It was the native people who did not want to leave.

Xu Cheng looked at them and asked. ”Why didn’t you guys leave?”

“There’s no way to protect ourselves if go out anyways, so why not just stay here and gamble,” a few refugees confessed.

Xu Cheng nodded and looked at the two hundred armed mercenaries of the Deviant Corp and said to them, “Their target is me, you guys can actually leave as well. If anyone wants to leave, I’ll let them go. I’m sure after they succeed in their mission, they will leave this area and move on to their next solo mission, and then everyone will be safe.”

That was when Diesel stepped forward and yelled at his gang of former Cobra soldiers, “Anyone who dares to f*cking leave and step outside this door will be my enemy after today!”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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