Chapter 596. Brothers, Quality Over Quantity (Part One)

To be honest, those soldiers did not have a life and death bond with Xu Cheng, and the combined assault from ten nations sounded so scary that it somewhat shook their hearts.

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t afraid.

Diesel knew exactly how these people think, so his threat was a reminder rather than a warning, and more so proof of his will to follow Xu Cheng’s lead in the future.

Of course, he didn’t want anyone to go out and turn into their enemy because of this. He wanted these people to stay and join the Deviant Mercenaries, as well as accept their new identity as a part of the Deviant Corp!

If Diesel hadn’t received treatment with Xu Cheng’s serum, he would have been uncertain about this idea too simply because the power of ten nations joined together was unimaginable.  

Even the King of Mercenaries, Kush’s Continental Mercenary Group might not even dare to say that they could win against 280 skilled special forces soldiers who were A-rank and above.

This number of people and their average strength could be counted as an extreme in the world.

If they wanted to execute someone, who in the Land of Mercenaries could protect that person?  So it was not unreasonable for these people to walk away and be afraid.

There were only 200 armed soldiers in this mountainous area. Not to mention strength that their strength didn’t even compare to those special forces soldiers, they didn’t even have an advantage in numbers.

To be frank, this was an unequal battle.

Out of the ten beheading missions in history, the leader was directly handed over six times, and the rest who didn’t hand over their leader were wiped out.

“It’s no different than dying at all. The reason we all ran here is so that we could stay alive, so why do you think we kept gathering together for? It’s so we have more people to fight for survival during those military drills. Yet now, you’re attracting all the soldiers from the ten nations towards us? Isn’t this asking for death? That was not what we wanted,” a soldier intended to be sensible as he tried to defend himself.

As soon as he spoke, Diesel went over and grabbed that mercenary by his collar while cursing, “Son of a b*tch, do you have the guts to say that again? I’ll shoot you in the head if you dare. What you’re doing is no different from that of a traitor when you’re trying to weaken our military morale at this time. Do you know what you’re talking about? How did those people know ten nations are coming? It’s definitely because the nations deliberately let the word out. They want us to lose without a fight so that they can complete their beheading mission with the lowest cost”.

“But what he’s saying is not unreasonable!” Other mercenaries who had the courage to speak up also said, “We want to resist, but it doesn’t mean that we want to completely offend all ten nations. Captain Diesel, and the other captains, our boss is dead, so we could have established our own mountain. There is no need to follow this jinx, right? I’m sure we all have the same thing in mind, and it’s just that we’re afraid of Big Brother Cheng’s authority. But I still want to say it, our lives are more important than anything else!”

Diesel was angry as he went over and ripped that soldier’s throat out directly with his hands.

The former captains of the Cobras yelled at Diesel. “Diesel, what are you doing?”

Diesel glared at that group of people and yelled, “Can’t you see he’s discouraging everyone? What’s the point of keeping this kind of soldier?”

“But he’s our brother!”

Diesel looked at those old team captains. “Even you guys want to turn your backs on us at this point?”

Those captains who were hesitant lowered their heads and didn’t speak.

Diesel looked at them one by one and cursed, “Who was it?! Who were bullied by the Wild Wolves, before our Big Brother Cheng avenged us and wiped out Wild Wolves for them!? If you were not committed to the Deviant Corp, may I ask if you would have survived the first mission? Can’t you see that the Black Cats and the other wimps have taken refuge here? You’re all chameleons now that you know the city is being targeted by all 10 nations? You just say we are brothers, but I’ll tell you, if one day one of you is the target of a beheading mission, it will be these so-called brothers around you who will be the first to betray you!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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