Chapter 596. Brothers, Quality Over Quantity (Part Two)

Diesel was enraged.

“I believe Cobras aren’t afraid to die.”

The other captains defended themselves, “But that doesn’t mean you have to die unnecessarily! He’s right, as long as we get out this time, we’ll make it through the winter. Who cares what anyone says after that, whoever survives wins.”

“Alright.” Xu Cheng stepped forward at this time. “I have been thinking and also searching for whether there are brothers who can be trusted in times of life and death, and I think while it is difficult, I believe there are. Quality over quantity!”

Xu Cheng raised his finger to the gate and said, “Those who want to leave, can leave now. I will not keep anyone, nor will I blame anyone. But I still say the same thing: after stepping out of this door, we will be enemies when we meet again in the future! There will be no camaraderie to speak of.”

Those captains looked at one another. Out of the eight captains from Cobra, seven of them if Diesel was excluded, about five of them turned around and looked like they were going to leave with their followers.  

Xu Cheng looked at Mario and Vala’s group as he said, “You guys can also leave, I won’t force people to stay. They are right, tonight might be a deadly situation.”

Mario looked at Zhang Xiu and asked, “Then are you going to leave?”

Zhang Xiu and the others nodded as well. “Yeah, are you leaving?”

Mario looked at the engineers behind him. “I’m responsible for this place, so I’m not leaving.”

Mario: “If the boss isn’t leaving, then neither are we. It’s hard for me to be an officer here and still have brothers. More importantly, it’s so hard to make it feel like home. I don’t want to drift anymore.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Xu Cheng looked at Luo Yi and Li Wei and asked in a lighthearted manner, “What about you two? Although we’ve suffered together in the past, this time, I want to ask you both properly. If one day, you have to choose between the country or me, who would it be?”

Li Wei and Luo Yi were stunned at first, and then they smiled bitterly. “Then we can tell you today that we have done enough for the country in the first half of our lives, and in this second half of our lives, we are for you!”

Xu Cheng: “Good!”

Xu Cheng wasn’t going to feel distressed or upset no matter how many people left tonight. He had said before that Deviant Corp doesn’t have to have many people, but it needs to have the right people, and that they are loyal to him!

Those who stayed tonight were far more than he could have imagined, and he was satisfied.

He said cheerfully to those who wanted to leave, “You can go now! While I’m in a good mood, I won’t try to persuade anyone that wants to leave.”

With the boss being this easy to talk to, those that were hesitant about leaving because they were afraid of being given a hard time didn’t have any reason to stay anymore.

Five captains brought their original subordinates, which meant that more than 170 people inside the 200 Cobras were about to follow the five captains’ intention to leave; and a few more were former subordinates of Diesel and the other two captains who stayed behind. Those wanted to persuade the three of them as they said, “Let’s all go together, we just have to survive tonight, and this area will be ours from now on. Aside from the Dragons, we will be the second largest mercenary group in the region!”

Diesel said to the gang with a cold tone, “Get out! Any more nagging and you’ll end up like the one just now.”

The corpse of the mercenary whose throat he had torn out was still laying on the ground. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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