Chapter 597: Joining the Real Deviant Corp (Part One)

Those 15 soldiers that were previously punished for sneaking things into their own pockets when looting were also asked by the captain if they wanted to leave, but they decided to stay. 

“Big Brother Cheng gave us a chance before, so we want to stay to prove that he wasn’t wrong in doing that,” the 15 of them smiled and said. 

Xu Cheng was very touched.

“Alright! You guys won’t regret staying today. Everyone that decided to stay, fall in.”

Mario, Li Wei, Luo Yi, and the others all got into formation. There were two rows, and those 15 soldiers stood in the back row.

Xu Cheng said to them, “You guys can come forward too.”

Those 15 were a bit hesitant.

Diesel: “Big Brother Cheng said the words, so just hurry up and come.”

Those 15 guys all happily joined the line of comrades standing in one line in front of Xu Cheng. 

There were 28 of them in total.

Xu Cheng: “Now, I will officially welcome you in joining the Deviant Corp!”

Diesel smiled. “Boss, our team is getting bigger.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

Mario was a bit speechless. “Bigger my azz… We had over 200 guys before, but now we only have 29. That’s called expanding? I didn’t even have my fun being the team captain yet, and now I’m the only guy on my team.”

Diesel smiled and said, “The previous lineup wasn’t the real Deviant Corp, the ones that stayed behind now are the real lineup!”

Mario: “What? What are you saying?”

Luo Yi and Li Wei looked at each other and then looked at Xu Cheng. “Big Brother Cheng, are you hiding something from us?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Diesel!”

“Yes, Boss!” Diesel responded. Kaching! Instantly, dagger-like blades that were over 30 cm long extended out from the tips of his fingers.

The others were all shocked.

“What the fack is that?”

Diesel walked to the soldier that died, and when he swiftly swung his arm, that corpse’s entire arm came off!

Mario and the others were all shocked.

“What the fack is that thing in your hand?”

Diesel walked over and said, “After you guys go through the official recruitment ceremony, I will tell you.”

Mario: “What recruitment ceremony? Aren’t we already part of the Deviant Corp?”

Xu Cheng: “That doesn’t count. Remember what I said when I first met you guys? The requirement to join the Deviant Corp is very high, and you guys weren’t worthy at that time.”

Chekov and the others weren’t happy. “Big Brother Cheng, how come Diesel met you so late but he became the first one to join your group?”

“Because of loyalty!” Diesel directly raised his arm and used his new blades from his fingers to cut off three fingers from his other hand. Those fingers fell onto the ground in front of everyone.

Mario and the others were all shocked.

“Have you gone crazy?”

The finger Diesel had cut off before had already been restored by Xu Cheng’s drug, so now, he was obviously not scared of cutting off three. But, it was indeed painful, very painful. However, to set an example for everyone to follow and formally join the corp, he had no choice but to demonstrate.

Seeing his forehead covered in sweat and how painful it looked, Zhang Xiu and the others really didn’t understand what was going on.

Diesel said, “To join the corp, you will cut off three fingers yourself to show your loyalty. If you do it, then you will be the Deviant Corp’s men in the future.”

Mario looked at his fingers and secretly cried, “Well, you don’t need to be so cruel, right?”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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