Chapter 597: Joining the Real Deviant Corp (Part Two)

Li Wei and Luo Yi looked at Xu Cheng; they believed that their Big Brother Cheng wouldn’t propose such a thing so recklessly. Xu Cheng must have his reasons.

Immediately, as Xu Cheng’s best bros, they set an example and immediately took out daggers and cut off their fingers. 


Very painful!

The two of them all tightened their brows and tried to tolerate the pain.

Xu Cheng was very touched that these two would stand out to back him up right away.

Vala saw this and he looked at his fingers heartachingly. “Big Brother Cheng, without these three fingers, my punch wouldn’t be at its full strength…”

Diesel: “You facking don’t have the balls to, right?”

Vala: “It’s not that I don’t dare, but I just can’t do something like this to myself. How about you help me out?”

Diesel quickly went to Vala, and before he could even react, he just saw Diesel waving his arm across, and then he began to feel chilling and tormenting pain coming from his hand.

“AHHHH!” Vala immediately grabbed onto his hand and jumped up and down.

“Why didn’t you even give me time to prepare?!”

Diesel looked at the others. “Who else doesn’t have the balls to do it themselves? I will gladly help.

Those 15 soldiers all looked at each other for a brief moment. Then, they took out their own daggers and began slicing off their fingers.

“Anyways, even our survival after tonight is uncertain, so our fingers don’t matter much if that’s the case.”

Seeing that even those guys weren’t scared, Zhang Xiu, Chekov, and the others were all shocked.

Chekov looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Big Brother Cheng, can I just chop one finger? I still need them to play with my sniper rifle… If I cut three, it would really affect my accuracy due to the lack of control and strength.”

Xu Cheng said with no room for negotiation. “Chop! If you chop, I will teach you how to increase your sniping accuracy.”

Chekov’s eyes lit up, and without another word, he immediately pulled out a dagger and sliced down.

The other guys all didn’t just stand there. Immediately, there were over 80 fingers on the ground.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Follow me, I will come and tell you guys what the Deviant Corp really is.”

Diesel picked up his finger and immediately followed.

The other guys all looked at him in confusion. “There are no doctors here nor much medical equipment, do you still expect your finger to get re-attached to you?”

Diesel glanced at those guys and said, “Just hurry up and pick up your fingers if you still want them on your hand.”

Right after he said that, Luo Yi bent down to look for his fingers.

Immediately, everyone began looking and trying to gather all three. Most didn’t even pay attention to where their fingers went off to when they cut them off.

“Yo, you facking picked up mine!”

“That pinky’s mine! Give it back!”

“Holy fack, Vala, you cut your middle finger? Damn, how are you going to play with girls in the future?”

Vala: “I’m happy enough if I don’t get played with.”

The two dozen or so people finally gathered their fingers and all followed Xu Cheng into the basement of the building.

After they got in,  they saw Diesel had been waiting on a big wooden table for a long time now. And, his finger was actually magically restored, except there was also a layer of medical tape at the joint. 

After Mario and the others came in and found a seat to sit down, it was Mario that first noticed Diesel’s finger. He immediately got closer and said, “Diesel, are you facking playing with us? You didn’t cut your finger!”

Diesel said impatiently, “I did! It has just recovered.”

“You think I’m stupid? Everyone, come over and look at this finger, it wasn’t chopped off! Fack!”

At this time, Xu Cheng spoke, “He did. And his finger did just get restored.”

“That magical?” Mario was shocked. “Then hurry, Big Brother Cheng, help everyone recover!”

“You guys still can’t yet,” Xu Cheng said. “Diesel’s body is no longer like you guys’ already. Strictly speaking, his body’s DNA is no longer a normal human’s. So, my cell repair serum can be used on him at any time, but not on you guys. So, this is why I wanted you guys to swear to join the Deviant Corp.”

Luo Yi and the others were confused. “Big Brother Cheng, it’s a bit difficult for us to comprehend what you are saying.”

Xu Cheng directly pulled out a blade and then cut off Diesel’s finger in front of everyone.

“Bear with the pain for a bit,” Xu Cheng said to Diesel.

Diesel nodded. “No problem, Boss.”

Then, Xu Cheng cut his hand and dropped his blood onto Diesel’s joint, where the finger was cut. Diesel immediately put the finger back onto the joint and then waited for Xu Cheng’s blood to repair his cells that were dying from the loss of blood flow.

After a few minutes, Diesel waved his hand around and noticed that not only did his finger not fly out, he could even move it around.

“Diesel, were you a magician on the streets before?” Mario was shocked.

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