Chapter 598: The Two Rules of the Deviant Mercenaries (Part One)

Xu Cheng had a serious expression on his face as he stared at these people and asked, “I think you should know what will happen to us if this scene is exposed, right? Someone once told me that our existence strikes fear into the hearts of the rest of humanity and because we are different. We are indeed different, both genetically and in terms of our abilities; we are beyond normal humans.”  

Xu Cheng looked at the other members present. “I’m guessing that you guys have read comics when you were kids, like superheroes ones right? That’s right, from now on, maybe you’ll all have abilities different from ordinary people, more or less.”  

Mario whistled for a moment. “That sounds exciting.” 

There was no one on site who wasn’t excited. If they could acquire abilities that made them different from ordinary people, who didn’t want themselves to be unique?  

“However!” Xu Cheng suddenly changed his tone. “What goes around comes around. While we are completely different on the genetic level, have you thought about the possible pressure from the public if you go to the hospital or expose your abilities?”  

Cheksov was puzzled. “Big Brother Cheng.”  

“Call me Boss, but Big Brother Cheng in front of outsiders. You are all now official members of the Deviant Mercenary Corp, so it’s already too late for those who want to quit.”  

Diesel used his fingertips to cut a slit on the table as he said, “Whoever quits will not be able to walk out of this door.”  

Cheksov nodded. “We haven’t thought about quitting either, and I’m grateful that you think so highly of us. But I’d like to ask, what kind of ability causes pressure from the public?”  

“Such as?” Xu Cheng took one hand out of his pocket, and it suddenly disappeared in front of everyone.  

No one could stay calm after that.  

“This…” The jaws of Mario and the others dropped as they didn’t know what to say at once.  

“Due to some scientific principles of quantum physics, human flesh is able to become invisible with separation under a quantum level. However, it still belongs to an entity and can have the sense of touch.” Xu Cheng reached out and put his invisible arm on Mario’s shoulder, causing Mario to swallow his saliva from shock. 

“Likewise, Diesel’s abilities derive from the fusion of external genes containing powerful characteristics and abilities with the genome of all the cells in his body.” Xu Cheng pointed his finger at Diesel. “So, as you can imagine, once these traits and abilities are revealed, before there is absolute scientific data behind it, we are dangerous to ordinary people as far as they are concerned. No matter how kind we are, people won’t believe us because our abilities scare them, and they would not allow us to exist in society as factors that are beyond their control. When that time comes, you tell me, what’s it going to be? We’re actually human too, but our genes are just a few decades ahead of the average person, yet we will still be treated like monsters.”  

The words struck everyone’s mind like a lightning bolt.  

At that point, even if the general public agreed to accept them, the government wouldn’t, especially the politicians, and no one would allow someone with great abilities to influence the power of the military. At that time, either this research would be used by the government, or it would go into extinction! They would not let this research fall into private hands where it could get out of their control.  

Everyone here understood as none of them were stupid.  

Li Wei and Luo Yi raised their heads to look at Xu Cheng with mixed feelings.  

Xu Cheng smiled bitterly. “That’s why I left that country and chose to come here, I’m sorry that I lied to you guys.”    (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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