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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 598.2

Chapter 598: The Two Rules of the Deviant Mercenaries (Part Two)

Luo Yei and Li Wei also said bitterly, “Big Brother Cheng, you don’t have to say anymore. Not just now, but even if it’s in the future when you make an enemy, we will all stand by your side no matter if you are a man or a monster. We can feel your kindness towards us, and we followed you to the Land of Mercenaries without thinking that we would be able to go back alive. If we didn’t come here to fight against the world with you, we wouldn’t have followed you. A true mercenary doesn’t belong to any nation!”  

Xu Cheng nodded as he was rather touched that the two would choose to continue following him.  

“This meeting today is considered the first meeting of the Deviant Corp, and you will be the first batch of members. I will set two core rules here today! First, there must be an unconditional unity between the Deviant Mercenaries, and we must treat each other as our own. In any case, if a Deviant Mercenary is caught or in danger, the other Deviant Mercenaries nearby must do everything possible to save them. We must make sure that the bodies of the Deviant Members do not fall into the hands of any other forces and be used for their experiments. As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, the more they know about us, the more dangerous our lives will be. There will be no fights between the Deviant Mercenaries!”  

Xu Cheng solemnly said to everyone. “No matter which country you belong to or what color your skin is, everyone must follow this rule because for any organization or group, they are indestructible only when they are united.”  

“Second! You may not, at any time nor anywhere, listen to anyone and reveal your identity as a Deviant Mercenary. This includes your future girlfriend or wife, no matter how much you love her unless she is willing to become one of us with you. When you are faced with a life-threatening situation, choose death rather than sharing anything about your Deviant identity!”  

Having said that, Xu Cheng swept a glance at everyone. “Violators…. will be expelled from the corp and will be ceaselessly hunted by their own kind!”  

“Third.” Xu Cheng paused for a bit and smiled to alleviate the atmosphere as he opened his arms to everyone. “Welcome, you are above the ordinary and the world will become your stage.”  

Xu Cheng took out a bottle of red wine from a box that came from the basement and opened it as he poured it into the wine glasses for everyone. 

However, everyone’s expression at the scene was serious because this was not a simple choice anymore. 

Chekov asked, “Boss, will I really be able to advance in my shooting skills?”  

“Absolutely, however…”  

Xu Cheng looked around before he continued. “Each one of you can only pick one genetic trait to have. You must consider it carefully, because it is very risky for two genes to be fused together in one person, to the point of endangering your life. There is currently only one genetic fusion in Diesel and you can ask him what that feels like.”  

Diesel smacked his lips and said, “To be honest, it felt worse than dying.”  

Luo Yi also asked, “Boss, is there one gene trait that didn’t fuse successfully?”

Xu Cheng answered. “Grafting one gene is not difficult. Even if you can’t take the pain, it will at most extend the fusion time in your body. For example, it would be in a year or few years before the body adapts and starts to display the power of the genes.”  

Li Wei looked at Diesel and asked, “You managed to survive. How long did it take you to discover your abilities?”  

Xu Cheng answered for Diesel, “He perfectly merged with the genes, and when he woke up, his ability appeared naturally.”   (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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