Chapter 599. There’s Only One Leader, You Divide Amongst Yourselves (Part One)  

“Right now, aside from

having claws, I also feel that I am able to exceed my previous limits in terms

of speed and explosive power. Which is why these genetic modifications need

more research in a later stage,” Diesel continued to explain.  

“Yes, as the genes

continue to improve and merge with your genome, you will become more skilled

with your abilities,” Xu Cheng added.  

Without saying another word,

Li Wei and Luo Yi held up the red wine and drank it all, before smashing the

glass on the table as they said, “I’m in!” 

“I’m in!”

“Me too!”

The others all picked up their wine glasses and drank it.

At this time, Lin Dong pushed in. “Teacher…. And me too!”

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Dong as he said, “Dong, you are a family man.”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth. “I am your disciple! I know too much. How am I supposed to live with that? So, I’ll join the group and I will follow the rules!”

Having said that, he went and got a glass of wine himself and smashed it once he finished.

Xu Cheng could only sigh.

The twenty-eight of them immediately collapsed onto the table after they drank the wine because Xu Cheng had drugged their drinks.

“Move them to the chairs and tie them up,” said Xu Cheng.

Diesel nodded his head as he was helping Xu Cheng out and he moved the members as he asked him, “Boss, if our people get captured, does that mean our research results will be revealed?”

“It’s hard to say!” Xu Cheng said, “At least it’s very difficult with the current state of biotechnology research, but maybe in 50 years they will have a chance at it. At the moment, it’s hard for our secrets to be cracked even if our people are captured and studied. Even if you use your existing genes and fuse with others, it will only fail and cause them to lose their lives.”

Xu Cheng didn’t tell him that it was because he was the origin of all the genetic fusions! Without his blood serum, it would be difficult for other genes to be implanted into the human body for fusion.

– Night-time –

– The Deviant Mercenary Corp Camp –

All the engineers had gone into the cave to hide. They weren’t actually afraid, because even if Xu Cheng and the others failed tonight, they would have the papers to help them to be escorted back home.

Meanwhile, the twenty-eight soldiers that Diesel was guarding in the basement were already implanted with the serum and the genes of various species.

Outside, Xu Cheng was dressed all in black as he sat on a stool in the central square of the city while smoking a cigarette.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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