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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 600.1

Chapter 600. Let the Slaughter Begin (Part One)

The revolver cylinder spun, and the soldier snapped his wrist, shutting close the chamber, and then pulled the trigger as he pointed the gun at Xu Cheng.

All the soldiers looked at him nervously, especially their comrades.


His comrades were relieved.

Meanwhile, the other countries felt challenged.

An I Nation soldier went forward and did the same, but either because his luck was bad or he wasn’t too good with guns, the bullet came out and hit Xu Cheng directly in the stomach. Xu Cheng had to pretend to be covering his stomach in pain as he fell to the ground after the shot.

The Britain Nation captain said to the I Nation soldier, “Sorry, but you may leave.”

The I Nation soldier wanted to talk his way out. “That’s not fun at all.”

As a result, soldiers from other countries that hadn’t shot yet came forward and said, “You lose, you lose.”

Upon seeing this, the I Nation soldier walked away unwillingly without a comment.

Due to the Germans being very proficient in machinery and knowledgeable about firearms, they successfully went into the next round.

The R Nation was next, and they were strong as well and made it to the next round.

As for the other nations, they all made some miscalculations and ended up shooting one slot away from the empty chamber. It was quite unfortunate.

Xu Cheng was down onto the ground after six consecutive shots were fired. The soldiers never intended for Xu Cheng to be alive anyways, and it would be killing two birds with one stone if they could compete and kill Xu Cheng at the same time. Those missed shots were a relief to the soldiers knowing that it went into Xu Cheng’s body, and they didn’t feel too bad losing the bet.

After six countries were eliminated, there were a total of 80 men left from the Britain Nation, R Nation, and I Nation. There should have been 90, but a few soldiers had been killed in the first mission of the competition.

However, these people didn’t even notice that the only exit had been quietly closed by Diesel.

“Alright, there’s only three of our teams left, so now we can compete based on skills, right? Pick the best fighter among you, and we’ll send one person from each camp to fight alone. Whoever wins in the end will get the head of the target of the beheading mission!” The Polar Bear’s captain said.

“Agreed,” said the Britain Nation.

“Alright!” The I Nation responded.

A bearded man with a built body from the R Nation stepped out, his arm almost the same width as someone’s thigh.

The Britain side wasn’t weak either as their man was tall and buff, with a beard and a deep gaze.

The I Nation’s pick was someone with a grey beard and thick eyebrows, and the three of them were preparing to fight.

Xu Cheng suddenly climbed up and sat on the chair again to look at them.

The soldiers were shocked.

“You’re not dead?”

Xu Cheng waved his hand. “Your marksmanship really sucks, I thought the elite of the elite would be better. I can’t believe that six countries were eliminated so early in the rounds, that’s a bit beyond my expectations. Ah, I had originally thought that it would be tiring to kill this many people, so I wanted to get rid of some first, leaving only 150ish people, but I didn’t expect to see only 80 people. At least now, I don’t need to play dead anymore. Let’s just do it, it’s no fun for you guys to compete with your allies, how about you compete with me?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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