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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 600.2

Chapter 600. Let the Slaughter Begin (Part Two)

The R Nation saw that Xu Cheng had sat back on the chair as if nothing happened and smiled. “Interesting. No wonder you’re the leader who killed 28 M Nation soldiers. I knew something was weird because the second mission was going too smoothly; it shouldn’t have been so easy. I didn’t think you were going to surprise us, but I forgot that you probably have the M Nation’s bulletproof vests on you.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Of course, and I’ve prepared an even bigger surprise for you all as well.”

Xu Cheng walked step by step towards them as he said, “Before you guys came here, was there no information informing you of how dangerous I am?”

The R Nation guy with the beard said dismissively, “How dangerous are you?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Oh, I forgot. Your drones weren’t the ones that filmed how I killed three S-rank experts. No wonder you are so unscrupulous. Hey beard guy, come over here. I’ll show you how dangerous I am.”

The beard guy sneered as he walked in front of Xu Cheng, he was three inches taller than Xu Cheng, who was already 6’2. He stared down at Xu Cheng and asked again, “How dangerous are you?”

“Ugh.” The moment he said his last words, his pupils constricted as he made a startled sound in disbelief. He lowered his head and saw that his chest had been directly pierced through by Xu Cheng’s hand.

Xu Cheng pushed the man’s head to one side, and the group soldiers watched as he fell to the ground with a bloody hole in his chest while Xu Cheng’s entire arm was stained with blood. They were all shocked and quickly raised their guns and pointed them at Xu Cheng.

“There are many people who want to kill me, who are you guys?” Xu Cheng laughed contemptuously. He rushed to the nearest I Nation soldier and shattered his internal organs with a single punch, sending him flying onto the ground as he died!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The other soldiers fired wildly at Xu Cheng!

However, with the bulletproof vest on Xu Cheng’s body, the bullets were basically hitting a steel plate, only making some sparks as Xu Cheng remained unharmed. Xu Cheng picked up a gun from the ground and started to shoot back as he walked towards them.

It was fine for others to hit him, but it was different for him to hit others. More than a dozen soldiers in the front row were killed by him directly with headshots.

A few soldiers rushed over with their daggers, wanting to stab him, and Xu Cheng lifted his leg at someone who jumped at him and with a 50X power that was equivalent to an elephant’s trunk swing, the guy bounced off like a cannonball and was slammed into a house as he died puking blood.

The other two guys who rushed over with daggers managed to cut through Xu Cheng’s clothes, but they were shocked when they saw that he did not have a bulletproof vest on.


They couldn’t believe that it wasn’t because of the bulletproof vest that Xu Cheng remained unharmed by all those bullets.

However, before they could shout, Xu Cheng grabbed their helmets with each of his hands and twisted them hard.

Their heads were snapped 180 degrees back and the rest of them were all shocked to see the faces appear on their backs. The scene became even more chaotic.

Xu Cheng lifted up their dead bodies and smashed their stomachs as he blasted them off towards the group of soldiers behind him, crashing the corpses into the three soldiers who were too late to duck.

Within just three minutes, more than thirty soldiers were dead, and the trio of special forces teams finally started to fear his power.

“Retreat! Retreat!” The grey bearded soldier from the I Nation yelled, “Everyone else take cover, and retreat!”

Some shot at Xu Cheng to cover for their teammates, and those soldiers closest to Xu Cheng just ran away like crazy.

Xu Cheng squatted down on both knees, and with the mantis’s leg strength plus the cat’s jump force, in addition to the 50X power he could exert, he rose a hundred meters up into the sky with a single jump. Since it was night time, there was no shadow on the ground and those who were shooting at him also lost their target. However, when Xu Cheng fell down, he was like a five-thousand-pound iron ball smashing down from the sky towards the fleeing soldiers.

Two soldiers who were unfortunate enough to be stomped on by his feet became puddles of flesh on the spot!

The soldiers shouted hysterically and frantically, losing their minds because they didn’t think he was f*cking human at all! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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