Chapter 601. Emergence of Other Members’ Capabilities (Part One)

The special forces soldiers were no longer in the mood to chat with Xu Cheng, being scared to death as they fled for their lives.

But how could their legs out run Xu Cheng, who could fly over 100 meters with a single jump.

After Xu Cheng stomped the two soldiers, he then jumped again, almost like a praying mantis as he landed in front of the running soldiers a hundred meters away and blocked their escape path.

A soldier raised his gun and shot at him, but Xu Cheng caught the bullet with his bare hands as he kneed a soldier in the face, sending him flying, followed by a fist punch that killed another.

Some of the soldiers ran to the gate and found that it was locked from the outside.

They rammed the gate hard and fired their guns aimlessly, trying to make a few holes and push out.

They could see Xu Cheng’s shadow coming up behind them, and they all turned around in despair as they fired at him. But as soon as they turned around, Xu Cheng’s dagger had already slashed the throats of several soldiers.

The entire mountain top was filled with miserable screams and gunshots.

The soldiers from the six countries that were eliminated in the revolver challenge had already gotten onto their vehicles and were about to leave when they heard something. “Wait a minute, did you hear that? That’s the sound of gunshots from the hills, are those three countries fighting?”

“I think we can take advantage of the situation. As long as we hand the guy over, it’s not like it matters how we got him.”

“Turn around! Let’s kill our way through, there can never be too much deception in a battle!”

Those from the G Nation immediately turned the car around and drove over to the hill.

By the time they climbed to the top of the hill, the screams and gunfire had subsided, and they found that the gate had actually been locked from the outside. Someone shot the lock and pushed open the door, and the twenty of them were shocked by what they saw.

The plaza was filled with dead bodies!

Not even one person was alive.

A few of the masters from the I nation, R Nation, and E Nation were dead on the ground.

“What happened?” The G Nation soldier felt incredulous.

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng’s corpse was also there in the center of the plaza in that chair, and he was lying dead as his hands and feet were stiff and unmoving.

“Don’t say too much. Hurry over with the corpse before the other teams come over.” The G Nation captain quickly ran over and was ready to try to drag Xu Cheng’s corpse away.

There were five or six guards at the door to see if the other teams would turn back. By the look of it, several vehicles did indeed turn back to get their prey. “Hurry up, I don’t know which country it is, but they are coming back.”

The G Nation captain nodded and went as he got ready to pick up Xu Cheng’s body. However, just as he carried Xu Cheng with two hands over his shoulders, Xu Cheng’s hand suddenly grabbed him by the neck!!

His neck was twisted 360 degrees.

Xu Cheng then raised his dagger and stabbed towards the dozen or so G Nation soldiers who were near him.

By the time the soldiers guarding at the door turned around, all they saw were their comrades falling to the ground one after another, while the man in black stood there with his dagger that seemed especially bright in the dim light.

The remaining G Nation soldiers were completely shocked as it had only been less than two minutes since they turned their heads, and their captain and more than a dozen of their comrades had been wiped out.

Xu Cheng bounced up from his spot, disappeared into the night sky, and then dropped down, stomping dead two soldiers. He then wiped out two soldiers with one dagger as he grabbed another one by the neck and threw him like garbage across the wall.

In the corridor of the house, Diesel and a few who had regained consciousness were watching the battlefield with pale expressions. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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