Chapter 601. Emergence of Other Members’ Capabilities (Part Two)

“This is the power of the Deviant Corp. No wonder Boss said we would be treated as monsters; no human can do what he’s doing right now. A hundred elite soldiers were all slaughtered, and it was an overwhelming defeat!” said Diesel.

Mario was still physically weak, but that didn’t stop him from appreciating the beauty of this night scene with his bright eyes.

He wasn’t the only one, the others were mind-bogged even after witnessing their boss’s ability.

Maybe, this was the start of an era where guns would lose their power, and one could ignore all things. Therefore, those who relied on guns to keep people obedient would never allow a force like them to exist, and that would be an obstacle in the future.


This was just the beginning. Who could say what kind of future awaits? More power means more ambition, who knows who was going to win in the end if one doesn’t fight back?

These people now felt confident and ambitious after they saw the power of the Deviant Corp.

Chekhov laughed. “Even if I’m going to die in the future, the thought of that scene when I’m standing against an army of tanks, as the whole country’s power surrounds us, is so cool just to think about! If I can leave my footprint in an epic historical moment like that, I would have no regrets even if I die!”

Diesel: “Not necessarily, maybe we’ll win?”

Luo Yi also nodded. “Indeed, behind the M Nation, there is capitalism. They are actually not scary, because it’s all those rich people behind them and they are nothing but rich. To us, they are just ordinary people. Once we disintegrate them, tell me where capitalism would be? It’s also just those ordinary people who make up the society and write the orders, such as those from the Capital Society. What if we are above them?”

Li Wei laughed. “Sure enough, with greater capability one’s vision and stage also becomes wider. No wonder Big Brother Cheng didn’t want to stay in the country but thought of going abroad, so his goal was to conquer the world!”

Diesel: “Why not the galaxy?”

Several people laughed at the reference.

Chekhov suddenly said in surprise. “I’m feeling it, I think my powers are coming out.”

Everyone looked at him as they gasped. “What the heck! So soon?”

Chekhov closed his eyes. He had been injected with bat genes that could diffuse ultrasound waves to sense objects around him. He said slowly, “There are soldiers coming up, twenty-one of them! They’re three minutes away from bypassing our mine defenses and breaking through the gate!”

Mario was also surprised as he let go of the corridor railings, sounding excited as he said, “I can feel mine too!”

The crowd gathered around him and saw that the railing he was holding with both hands was deformed. Which meant that he had unintentionally twisted the railing with force!

Diesel was speechless. “I can’t believe with your comprehension and willpower, you’re actually capable of grasping it so quickly.”

Mario glared at him. “Oh Sh*t. You’re saying I’m dumb, right? What about Chekhov?”

Diesel: “The gene Boss gave Chekhov was a vision modification gene tailored for him, so it’s normal for him to wake up so quickly and realize his power. I thought you’d be the last one.”

“Come on, let’s race, I’m full of power now,” Mario said as he rushed over from the other end of the hallway. It was a wooden house, and he, who was infused with elephant genes, couldn’t control his powers yet so the whole house suddenly collapsed.


“Mario you brainless, muscle-bound idiot!”

Everyone who was watching the scene cursed as they all got affected!

Mario roared through the ruins. “I’m full of power, who the f*ck just cursed at me?”

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