Chapter 602. Give Them A Little Warning (Part One)

The group of soldiers who rushed up came in and saw dead bodies piled up like a hill, all of them special forces soldiers from the four powerful G Nation, I Nation, Britain Nation and R Nation teams. They were unrecognizable from the injuries as they piled into a hill of corpses.

In front of the pile of corpses stood the man in black who they thought they had killed during that shooting contest.

The soldiers from the weaker nations looked at him in terror, wondering how the tables had turned within a blink of an eye.

“One of you can live and tell the story to your superiors about what happened today. Tell them that they better leave before it’s too late or else this will no longer be a safe area.” Xu Cheng looked at the soldiers and asked, “Who wants to live?”

They immediately pulled out their guns and pointed them at Xu Cheng.

Immediately, with a gust of wind behind them, Diesel jumped past them like a leopard as his claws sliced across six of the soldier’s heads from behind, sending them falling down to the ground.

And when they turned around, a rumbling sound was heard as Mario, wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, lowered his head and rushed over like a human tank towards the crowd, bullets bouncing off of him as he ran.

Three soldiers were blown right off the ground, smashing into the floor. Mario knocked one out with his helmet and swung his fist with a thick arm the size of an elephant’s trunk towards the three soldiers, sending them flying away.

The remaining few shot at him, but Mario, who had a bulletproof vest, did not get injured at all.

However, the impact of the dense bullets hitting him still hurt his flesh.

“Cheksov you a*shole, are you going to make a move!” Mario cursed.

The sound of a sniper rifle ripped across the night sky and a bullet hit a soldier in the head, followed by more sounds of bullets firing.

A succession of soldiers all got their heads blown off by the sniper rifle, which relieved Mario from being attacked. He held up two soldiers and smashed them into each other like watermelons, directly causing the two soldiers to pass out.

Diesel used his speed and his claws as he slit the throats of the soldiers that were still alive on the ground.

When he raised his claws to slit open the last soldier’s throat, Mario grabbed his wrist and said, “Boss said to leave one man alive!”

Only then did Diesel put down his hand, the remaining soldier already having pissed his pants as he begged for mercy on the ground. His body was dripping with cold sweat as he breathed heavily.

Xu Cheng went to the soldier and squatted down to look at him. “Don’t be nervous, I said that I will leave one person alive. So you go back and tell those people that if they want to play, then play by the rules: admit your defeat. As for the corpses, whether it’s the M Nation corpses or other countries, if they want them back, it will be one million dollars per corpse! This is what the victors of the war should get, and if they don’t want to pay, I will burn these bodies to ashes and leave them there. Also, go tell them that if they still want to provoke us, I know where your basecamp is, so watch out! Do you understand?”

The soldier nodded his head like a woodpecker.

Xu Cheng waved his hand. “Alright, you can go.”

The soldier immediately climbed up and fled out the door, the speed of his escape was fast enough to reveal how scared he was.

Xu Cheng asked Mario, “How many people have woken up?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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